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2021 Ford Bronco: Pictures, details and pricing

2021 Ford Bronco: Pictures, details and pricing. One of the most expected cars of the year

We bring you good news for all motor lovers! After many years the Ford Bronco returns next 2021 and without any doubt, one of the most expected cars of the year, although at the moment it can only be reserved. The return of this model of car has taken years to produce but finally, for all motor lovers comes next year. 

2021 Ford Bronco's leaked information

The well-known model and icon of American SUVs, the Ford Bronco returns next year with a fresh yet retro style including new technical features and impressive off-road capabilities currently not offered by other cars.

A forum specialized in motor, leaked all the prices of the different versions and some technical characteristics of the new Bronco range. The Ford firm had to present the new models last July, revealing all the details and specifications of each of the models including the price due to the leaks.

If you have not heard about these leaks and their characteristics, we will give you a brief explanation of the most important aspects. Already in the promotional presentation campaign, Ford showed its simple but challenging and original design which includes a front that highlights the built-in LEDs and a grill with the illuminated vehicle letters. In this way, the definitive design of the Ford Bronco of the new generation of 2021 also stands out for including multiple elements of technology in its exterior design.

Although they include many technological elements, it is important to note that the brand has remained faithful to the design of the first generation of 1966 since it has been inspired by this old model to create the new Ford Bronco. This inspiration gives the new 2021 car a retro-style due to the vertical elements and the large center console. Also, the elements of the exterior match perfectly with the details of the interior as they maintain the vertical lines playing with the retro and off-road style of the car.

Finally, we want to comment on one of the most important elements of cars, such as the engine. On these new models, the selected engine is a 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost with 270 horsepower and 420Nm of maximum torque. It also highlights a 2.7-liter V6 of the same family with 330 hp and 542 Nm as well as the brand’s ten-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, available for both the access version and the more powerful.

As we have commented there are different models of the new Ford Bronco, next we will make a brief review of all the models so that you know all its characteristics:

  1. Ford Bronco Base: This is the essential Ford Bronco and as this well indicates it includes all the technical characteristics that you need so that your Ford Bronco continues having the essence of this model of cars.
  2. Big Bend: This is the traditional all-terrain vehicle to enjoy all your outdoor activities whatever the season thanks to its features.
  3. Black Diamond: The Black Diamond model is perfect to enjoy multiple adventures in the middle of nature. It has all the technical characteristics to dominate any type of road and surface.
  4. Outer Banks: This is a model that includes the characteristics of an all-terrain vehicle but in an elegant and stylish way guaranteeing the retro aesthetics that we have been talking about. The style with this car is guaranteed both inside and outside.
  5. Badlands: If the previous model that we commented maintained the style, this new model that we present is all terrain extreme with large shock absorbers making this model Bronco is perfect for any occasion.
  6. Wildtrack: This is a high-speed off-roader that you will enjoy thanks to its 35″ tires on lockable wheels or the technology inside.
  7. First Edition: Finally, there is the First Edition, one of the most exclusive models because there are only 7,000 models in production as it is a limited edition. This edition was created for those who have waited more patiently for the return of the Ford Bronco model. It is a fully equipped car taking into account the best parts of all Bronco models mentioned above.

The different models of the new Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco's price

As we have just mentioned, there are different models to choose from, two and four doors and the Ford Bronco Sport model. Depending on the model chosen and the characteristics selected, the price will increase or not as each model mentioned can incorporate the technical elements that you consider necessary to create the car of your dreams.

In the United States, the starting price for the Base model is $ 29,995. If other superior technical aspects are added, the price begins to grow. Thus, the list of final prices is as follows:

  • Base: $ 29,995
  • Big Bend: $ 34,480
  • Black Diamond: $ 37,545
  • External Banks: $ 40,450
  • Badlands: $ 43,590
  • Wildtrak: $ 50,370
  • First Edition: $ 60,800

2021 Ford Bronco's sport version

Through the Ford Bronco Sport version, the brand wants to appeal to all extreme travellers, explorers and nature lovers from all over the world. Like the model discussed above, the Bronco Sport range has four different models to adapt to the needs of each person.

The result of the Ford Bronco Sport is the mixture of the different characteristics discussed above. It combines great elements of retro design but at the same time elegant to maintain the essence of the car, therefore, it includes four-wheel drive and various off-road solutions.

2021 Ford Bronco's release date

If you want to drive and enjoy the new Ford Bronco you will have to wait until early 2021 to do so. To ensure that you will have the possibility of driving one of your new models, you can make the reservation from 2020.

Deliveries will be made by Ford Dealers themselves and it is estimated that the initial deliveries of the Bronco 2 and 4 can begin in June of 2021. Still, it is important to know that if there is a high demand for reserves, deliveries can be extended until 2022.


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