90’s One Hit Wonders: The Greatest Songs

90's One Hit Wonders: a shortlist with the greatest songs

Which were the One Hit Wonder of the ‘90s? Throughout the history of music, there have been numerous artists and bands that have done great songs which became unique huge successes. In the 90s, there were awesome songs that became One Hit Wonders, and it is precisely what we want to comment on in this article.

What is a One-Hit Wonder?

Through the term One Hit Wonder, reference is made to those artists with a single success, that is, those singers or groups who became famous with a single memorable song.
After the great boom, many artists disappeared from the music scene even though they continued to create new material since their new songs no longer had the same relevance as with their great success. Another way to recognize a one hit wonder, is when a band reaches to have only one song in the Billboard Hot 100.

What are the best 90’s One Hit Wonders songs?

As you know, we love making playlists of songs to discover new music and artists, such as our posts about the best songs about friendship, the best songs about weed, or the best karaoke songs. Next, we will comment on 6 of the Best One Hit Wonder songs from the ‘90s.

'Ice Ice baby

The first song we want to comment on is’ Ice Ice baby. This is a song from 1990 by rapper Robert Van Winkle or better known by his alias Vanilla Ice. At this time, thanks to this huge hit, he became one of the most famous rappers in the world. ‘Ice Ice baby became the first hip-hop single capable of becoming No. 1 in sales in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries.

His musical career began to decline when hip hop lovers began to stop consuming his music since they did not consider him to be a true rapper and began to criticize him negatively.

Eye of the Tiger

The next song we want to include in this article is actually two, Eye of the Tiger and Burning Heart. These are the two best known and most listened to songs of the group Survivor and they were created exclusively by order of Sylvester Stallone for the well-known films Rocky III and IV.

Due to their great success, over the years many other artists have tried to cover these two great hits, although none were as successful as Survivor. Despite this, none of his upcoming songs were as successful as these two singles.

Are you gonna be my girl?

Are you gonna be my girl is another of the rock songs that could not be missing on this list, as we are sure you have heard this song? Jet, an Australian music group was considered to be the successors of AC/DC thanks to their first album Get Born, which was released in 2003. The entire album was a success although Are you gonna be my girl? stood out above all the other songs.
They couldn’t take advantage of their hit although they continue creating new songs and released a second album in 2006 called Shine On. At this moment, a creative slump and especially a drop in sales was evident. After a third album, the band ended up splitting up in 2012.

Cult of Personality

We have decided to add Cult of Personality to this list since it is considered that few bands have managed to merge styles in such a magnificent way as Living Color does through its big success. This band stood out for being committed and always fighting for the rights of people of color.
Despite this and having done other great jobs, appearing in the video game ‘GTA San Andreas’ or as the entry theme of the WWE wrestler CM Punk, the band never managed to repeat the success they achieved with Cult of Personality.

Achy Breaky Heart

If we tell you the name of Billy Ray Cyrus it will surely sound familiar to you because Miley Cyrus’s father is another outstanding One Hit Wonder artist. In 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus got a record deal thus releasing his first album called Some Gave All. The main song of this album was Achy Breaky Heart which reached number 1 in Australia, 3 in the United Kingdom, and 4 in the United States.
The success of this song was explained by the fact that it was a country melody for all audiences, so it provided something different. For this reason, it got global fame despite being a country theme and above all, it managed to cross borders.

Although Billy Ray Cyrus has continued to release albums, none have managed to have as much relevance or success as his first debut. Basically, he is known for being Miley Cyrus’s father in life and also fiction in the Hannah Montana TV show.

99 Luftballons

The last pop song that we want to comment on in this article you have surely heard at some point in your life. Nena was the nickname of the German Gabriele Susanne, this nickname was later the name of the band that she led in the early ‘90s. In 1983 they released their first album also called Nena and the well-known 99 Luftballons triumphed above all the other songs.

Also, their popularity grew when they decided to publish the English version. This one became number 1 in the United Kingdom and number 2 in Germany. Due to the great hit, the band maintained its success especially in Germany and in some nearby countries.
Still, the band broke up in 1987 when Gabriele decided to pursue his solo career under the same name. And although he does not have the success that he achieved with this song, he continues to publish records and perform concerts.

How about you? Did you know any of these hit songs? Which is your favorite one-hit wonder?


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