The new Neo-Geo Console: features and exciting news!

The new Neo-Geo Console, by SNK, will be launched this year.
We recently talked about Analogue Pocket and this new article is again for the most nostalgics gamers. If you are passionate about classic and retro video games this is your article again, because we will find out everything about the new Neo-Geo Console. Specifically, we will comment on its main characteristics, all the details, and the most important news.

The Neo-Geo Console by SNK

2021 is a year that comes with great premieres for the world of video games and consoles because last December 2020, the SNK company affirmed through its Twitter account that in 2021 it would arrive the new Neo-Geo console.

In the summer of 2019, SNK already announced the development of a new platform but with the dangerous situation derived from Covid-19, it had to prolong and stop the development of new consoles or other elements.

At the moment, it is unknown how the new home console will be and there is hardly any information about the characteristics of the new Neo-Geo. Even so, from the little that is known and the image they included in their tweet, it is suspected that the new console will have Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

The company’s tweet where they announced the new Neo-Geo Console.
What is intended to achieve with this connectivity is to allow users to carry out multiplayer online matches and a possible game store so that all players can access new titles. Also, it is expected that they will have access to old games that can be used in the new console.

Neo-Geo Console's release date and price

At the moment and as a result of the little information that currently exists about the new console, no release date or an approximate price has yet been confirmed. At the moment, it is expected that the new Neo Geo Console will hit the market this year.

What is the Neo-Geo Console?

In case you still do not know the Neo Geo Console, it is important to say that it became one of the most desired objects by all fans of video games of the 90s. In those years, it competed against Sega and Nintendo, although the Neo Geo console was considered something much better and even like the forbidden console. Its high price, the number of games, and the cost of it made the Neo Geo a very difficult console to acquire.

Everyone wanted to have a Neo Geo because the games were exact replicas of everything that people could find at the time in arcade games. Among all the games, the fighting games stood out, since it was the main genre of the SNK company. Among all the games, predominated Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, or Art of Fighting.

As a consequence of this, it is expected that the new generation of this exclusive console is also related to fighting retro games and as we have mentioned, it is intuited that competition may be one of the most outstanding aspects of it. Still, it will be necessary to wait for the company itself to offer more information on the most important features and above all, on the newest features.

The best Neo-Geo Games of all time

Are you curious about which are the best Neo-Geo games of all time?

Let’s see the video gamers’ favorites, the ones you should definitively give it a try:

  • Metal Slug 1, 2 & 3: it is a run-and-gun platformer and chaotic experience, where you will have lots of fun. You will love its unique style, its lovely characters, and bizarre enemy designs.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves: it is one of the most technically impressive games of the Neo-Geo Console. A great fighting, combat system, with awesome graphics and an unforgettable soundtrack.
  • Samurai Shodown IV: These series were released between 1993 and 1996 and were an absolute hit among arcade gamers.
  • Sengoku 3: also has a Japanese aesthetic but it was released in 2001, so the development was astounding. 
  • The King of Fighters ’98 – plus 99 and 2002-. Another great fighting game that assures you weeks of fun, choosing the different characters.
  • Art of Fighting 3: the first series is from 1992 and it rapidly became a classic of Neo-Geo console. The AoF 3 was launched in 1996, absolutely polished.
  • The Last Blade 2. A very interesting combat style, where you can vary your speed and power. Please, pay attention to the soundtrack!
  • Magician Lord: Release in 1990, the game follows the Elta the Magician in his path to defeat the evil Gal Agiese.
  • World Heroes Perfect, released in 1995, this fighting arcade game is the 4th and final game of the World Heroes series. Definitive, give it a go!

Latest Consoles Neo-Geo

It is important to highlight in the latter that the last console released by the SNK company and which all fans could enjoy was the Neo Geo Mini in 2019. This console included a large catalog with the classics of the platform and it was the inspiration for the company to create a console of a new generation with a modern design.

To surprise everyone, the Japanese company decided to release a mini arcade machine equipped with the Neo-geo system from 1990 so that players could enjoy a true Neo Geo but in a reduced size. Besides, this launch was not only made in Japan but was also distributed in America and Europe, so a design was made for both markets.

And you, are you looking forward to playing the new Neo-Geo console?


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