We could say that twerking has become one of the most popular dances in recent years and that in any nightclub anywhere you can see how boys and girls dance twerk to the rhythm of the best-known reggaeton songs.

Find out the best twerk songs and how to achieve this step!

What is twerking?

Defining what exactly twerking is, is not an easy thing and it’s understood as a provocative type of dance that bases practically all its movements on the hips and buttocks. To be able to practice this type of dance well, a good hip movement must be done since it’s considered that it’s in this area where all the twerking movement originates.

What is the origin of twerk?

The origin of twerk is a bit diffuse, although it’s known that it was born in the 90s. Specifically, it’s believed that twerking arose from the well-known Jamaican dancehall dance and little by little, it was introduced in other urban environments such as hip hop or American rap.

It’s also considered to be a form of dance that belongs to the bounce style which began to acquire more and more important in the 2000s. In addition, thanks to stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Miley Cyrus, twerking became even more popular.

As a result, twerk went from being a dance in the most urban places to becoming one of the typical dances in the best clubs in the world.

Twerk for beginners: the basic steps

Surely you have tried to practice twerk at some point and although it may seem easy, doing the movements of this dance style well is not. We are going to comment on the basic steps of twerk for beginners.

To start, the first thing you should do is master and isolate the different movements of the lower body since the upper part has to be as stable as possible. Once you have your body under control, you should spread your legs and squat down as if you were doing a squat. The knees must be aligned with the balls of the feet.

Now that you have the dominant position, you just have to try to move your pelvis back and forth. To help you and make the step better, we recommend that you rest your hands on your knees to accompany the movement of your pelvis with your hips.

What you intend through twerk is to achieve a movement of the butt down and down, so if you master controlling your pelvis, your hips, and your butt, you will become the king or queen of twerking.

Despite this, you should also know that like all sports or dance, it takes practice.

The best songs to do ‘twerking’

If you are already practicing, it only remains to know the best songs to twerk and enjoy this style of dance even more.

Twerk it

The first song couldn’t be other than “Twerk It” by Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell Williams. Its rhythm will make you want to dance and move your butt to the rhythm of the music.


The song “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea will be another of the best songs that will make you want to get up and never better said, move the “booty”. Its rhythms, lyrics, and of course, the wonderful Jennifer Lopez will do it all.

Work from home

The last song we want to recommend is “Work from home” by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla. Although it may seem that it has a slower rhythm, it’s also perfect to be able to start practicing all the twerking movements and increase the speed as the song itself progresses.




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