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Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

Everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

Apex Legends became the game of the moment and one of the most anticipated. Since last March 19, 2019, players were able to enjoy the many new features that they included, even so, the most important is that players will be able to unlock different rewards until reaching level 100 despite always being on the same map.

Apex legends season 1 trailer

Apex Legends is the new evolution of video games and more specifically of the battle royale genre. Through this free game you will be able to fight La Frontera in a group to fight for glory, fame and get fortune.

There are numerous legendary characters, each with their own personality, their strengths and their abilities to fight which will be combined with the other abilities of the other two players on your team to combine forces and be the last survivors.

Strategy is one of the key factors in this game, for this, you must master the skills of your legend, make strategic decisions and take advantage of the strongest points of each of the members of the group.

On March 19, coinciding with its launch, the game was presented through a trailer promotional showing all the news included.

Apex legends season 1 map

The map is one of the most important elements of a battle royale and this is known by the players and the developers of the Apex Legends game.

Kings Canyon has become one of the most important maps in video games and specifically the game that we are discussing. After its launch and different modifications in the following seasons, Apex Legends decided to return to this map for a limited time for the most nostalgic players.

Knowing an Apex Legends map well is a key aspect for the success of each one of your ballas. To achieve this, you must select a good place to land and be able to start the game well. Understanding the layout of the terrain is key to knowing where to go and thus not being aimless.

Specifically, Kings Canyon is characterized by having multiple zones. This map is located on the planet Solace and features many different areas ranging from military installations, slums, and even a river that divides different zones.

apex legends season 1 details

When does apex legends season 1 end

The first season of Apex Legends ended on June 18, 2019 and as of this, numerous new features were developed to include in the new maps of the following seasons that were created from this.

Seasons typically last 3 months in total because players have this time to level up each battle and unlock all 100 rewards.

Apex legends season 1 pass price

For users to be able to access all types of content, they will have to pay 950 Apex coins, which is the virtual currency of the game. That is, the cost of the Battle Pass will be approximately € 10 and could be online with other players.


Apex legends season 1 battle pass rewards

As we have commented previously, in this first season there are 100 levels in all the pass, as you go through these levels, you will get rewards as you go up in rank. At level 100, you will unlock a new skin for the Havoc rifle.



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