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Are you thinking about getting a Septum piercing?


As we already mentioned in the definitive ranking of the most painful piercings, more and more men and women choose to get piercings in different areas of the body and they are considered as one more accessory.  

In this post, we want to specifically talk about the septum piercing. This has become a classic of punk culture to one of the fashionable accessories and piercings since it is currently increasingly common among young people who wear it as a definition of their own personality and to define themselves in urban style.  

If you are thinking of doing it, it is normal that you have doubts, it is for this reason that you have to keep reading as we will explain what septum piercing consists of, its pain and how to cure it.

What is a septum piercing and its price?

The septum is the cartilage that we have between the nostrils, which is why the piercing receives this name, because it is done in the area known as the septum. This area is a small piece of skin that separates the nostrils and is just below the nasal septum. The nasal piercing is done in this small piece of skin in order to avoid piercing the cartilage and that the pain is therefore less. 

The prices of piercings vary a lot depending on the area you choose and also the professional studio in which you want to have it done, even so, the approximate price would be between € 30 and € 40.  

Does septum piercing hurt?

As we have already mentioned, the piercing in the nose to be able to perform the septum piercing is one of the pains that causes the most controversy. For many, it is considered one of the most painful piercings, even so, many other people have not felt any discomfort. 

It is important to comment that the nose is a part of the body through which many nerve endings pass. It is for this reason that piercings made in this part of the body can be more annoying than painful.

Healing and aftercare process of the septum piercing Septum piercings

Septums are one of the easiest piercings to care for although you must be constant. It is recommended to clean it at least twice a day with antibacterial soap in order to guarantee a fast, correct healing and thus avoid infections and the accumulation of dead cells. 

It is one of the piercings that heals faster since it only takes approximately one or two months to heal completely. It is for this reason, that it is recommended to carry out the care and include it in your daily routine. 

Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that it is a piercing and therefore, it is recommended not to experiment during the first months with the diameter or with the accessories that we include as earrings, since our body could produce a contrary reaction.

Types of septum piercings and how to hide it

Currently, there are many jewelry and accessories that we can include in our septum piercing. Everything will depend on our style and our taste because there is a wide variety of materials and colors that we can use. Next, we will show you the most common options:

  1. The ring is one of the most common jewels and also one of the most recommended, especially in the healing process since it is the simplest option to keep it clean and perfect.
  2. U-Bend is one of the most special pieces for the septum piercing since it has a U-shape. This is one of the best options if at any time you are going to have to hide it because you can insert the two parts that normally protrude inside the nostrils.
  3. Finally, we want to discuss the option spike. This is a jewel that is placed horizontally on our nose. In this case, it is recommended that if you want to place this type of septum, you wait until you have more experience and your septum is fully healed as it requires more knowledge. 

Most famous celebrities with septum piercings

The septum piercing is not only fashionable among the youngest, but it has also been a great revelation for many models who opt for this piercing to give personality and style to their image:

  1. The first great celebrity we want Comment is Rihanna, although she has not worn it for some years, for many others the artist included the septum as one more accessory in her personality combining it with large tattoos and turned it into another accessory by combining her look through striking jewels included in your septum. 
  2. Bella Thorne is another of the many celebrities who have been wearing a septum for several years now. In this case, she opts for a simple silver hoop to be able to combine it with any style and makeup.
  3. Finally, we cannot stop commenting on Zöe Kravitz. Her casual boho style is perfect to combine with a septum, and if you think about her, her face will surely come to mind, always accompanied by this piercing.


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