The best athleisure fashion and outfits for 2021!

The famous Balenciaga trainers, a truly athleisure fashion brand.
In previous articles, we have talked about past fashions such as the 90s, how men and women dressed in the 50s, and we have even commented on what is the Rockabilly style. We have said numerous times that fashion reinvents itself over the years and thanks to this, new styles emerge. It is for this reason, that in today’s article we want to continue talking about fashion and styles, although we want to focus on a much more current one such as athleisure fashion.

And this began to become the trend last year 2020 and will come even stronger this year. Do you want to discover the best looks of athleisure wear, one of the biggest trends of 2021? Read on to find out!

What is athleisure fashion?

Possibly, you have followed this trend without really knowing what you were doing, and for this reason, we want to start this article by explaining what athleisure fashion consists of.

Basically, the athleisure trend is wearing clothes specially designed to be worn for sports in other places and occasions, such as at work or on more casual occasions, such as going for a drink. It comes from the blend between athletic and leisure.

The combination of garments considered to be fashion and more comfortable garments is what has made this trend so successful and has become one of the most followed fashions in recent times of the fashion industry.

Beginnings and origins of athleisure fashion

Now that we know what athleisure fashion consists of, we want to comment on its beginnings. Although it may seem that it is a very new concept, this fashion has been known since 2014.

Even so, it is believed that the origin and the beginnings of this style are uncertain since many people attribute it to 1970 matching with the rise of sportswear and gym clothes. Others attribute the beginning of this style to the Chanel generation or even to the 80s with stirrup leggings. Despite this, it is considered that the moment of greatest growth was exactly in 1997, which is when Juicy Couture and Lululemon were created since these fashion brands were responsible for making the velvet sweatshirt and sports pants fashionable.

Since then, athleisure fashion has become the style of the future, and this new decade, thanks to the fusion between comfort and fashion, betting on new textures and new combinations that favor freedom of expression through fashion.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that this style began to be a major trend in 2020 due to the situation that the whole world experienced caused by Covid-19 when many people wanted to opt for comfort and therefore, athleisure outfits became the best option.

Rules and athleisure garments

It is important to note that what athleisure fashion aims to do is break again with the established rules of fashion to mix different trends without ever having to give up the comfort of a look. Even so, like all fashion, it has a series of rules and key garments that it is recommended to follow although each person can adapt the trends as they prefer.

One of the main rules established in athleisure fashion is that accessories are the key and therefore, the secret to turning a sporty look into something groundbreaking is in the small details that complement the look.

As a consequence of these rules, many garments have become staples to complete your best looks. One of the garments that have stood out the most and have become the favorite garment for many people is the cycling tights. Thanks to these, you can create more casual looks to more formal ones combining them with a blazer or heels.

The sweatpants are another of the quintessential athleisure fashion garments and are a clear example of how the combination of accessories is key to creating a great look. And despite the fact that it had never been said before, sweatpants have been combined with a shirt, studs, and large coats.

The ugly trainers have become the perfect sneakers to complete your look and even though some people find them horrible, little by little, they have become shoes loved by many and all thanks to the famous “ugly” Balenciaga trainers, a truly athleisure brand.

And finally, we cannot forget the famous and beloved leggings, one of the most comfortable garments and that have been introduced more and more in many looks nowadays.

Rules and athleisure garments

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have become two of the most famous references to this fashion trend. Lately, many celebrities have joined the fashion of athleisure looks, and thanks to these, we have been able to see great and inspiring looks.

They have been responsible for making many people feel comfortable when combining a statement skirt with a sweatshirt, bike shorts, and a shirt or even sweatpants with a blazer. Are you ready to combine your best athletic activities garments with a good faux leather jacket? We dare you to do it!

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