Best Glamping places in California for this Spring!

Best Glamping places in California for this Spring.

As we mentioned in our article on why you should consider Glamping for your next holidays, glamping is a trend that is becoming increasingly fashionable. If we previously talked about what glamping is and why it has become so popular, in today’s article we want to comment on the best Glamping you can find in California to enjoy a great trip in spring.

Glamping in California, the best vacations

Like many of you, we also love nature and all the activities that are done outdoors. Still, there are times when we like to enjoy great landscapes without losing the comforts of camping. California is one of the great states that offers many activities, in addition to beautiful landscapes.

It is for this reason that the new Glamping trend has become the best way to explore and discover what is known as the Golden State. California is located on the west coast along the entire Pacific Ocean and has become the best destination to enjoy a great vacation thanks to its beaches and national parks. Therefore, it has turned into one of the best places to go Glamping.

Top 5 of the best Glamping places in California

Next, we will show some of the best Glamping selections that you can find in California and through which you can live a great experience surrounded by spectacular nature.

Yosemite High Sierra

Glamping in California: The Yosemite Autocamp is a perfect place.

We could not start this list without including this glamping site, because the first place we want to highlight is the Yosemite Autocamp, in northern California. This one offers stylish Airstream trailers, luxury canvas tents, or even large log cabins in possibly one of the most spectacular locations in the entire world. 

Glamping is only a 30-minute drive from the Yosemite National Park entrance, and you can spend all day hiking or visiting the many waterfalls.


El Capitan Canyon 

El Capitan Canyon, another great place to go glamping in California.
The next hotel camp we want to mention is El Capitan Canyon, and this is considered one of the places where you can enjoy one of the best experiences. Despite having more than 100 cabins, glamping tents, and adventure yurts, it is completely isolated as it is located between the coastal mountains 30 minutes northeast of Santa Barbara.

Thanks to all the luxuries, food, and above all, thanks to the nature that surrounds this Glamping, it is said that it is one of the experiences that everyone should live at least once in their life. The El Capitan area stands out for all the wild animals that can be found, but also, it does so because of its proximity to the coast and the impressive views that the Pacific offers. Are you eager to enjoy the California night sky next to a nice fire pit?

Treebones Resort

Glamping in California: amazing Pacific views at the Treebones Resort.
Another glamping that we wish to mention is Treebones Resort, which is a 4,30 hours drive from Los Angeles. You will find this one along the spectacular coast of Big Sur where you can enjoy a unique glamping experience. Each of the 16 yurts in which you can stay offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Besides, this Glamping stands out for its surprising decoration with very sophisticated and elegant details.

In addition to being able to enjoy the views of the Pacific, you can visit and enjoy great landscapes around. Specifically, you can visit the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park or the Limekiln State Park.

Ventura Ranch Koa

Ventura Ranch Koa is another excellent option to go glamping in California.

The next Glamping that we want to highlight is Ventura Ranch Koa. This one is perfect for all those who, in addition to camping with glamor, want to do activities to release adrenaline. Ventura Ranch Koa is located in the coastal hills of Santa Paula and stands out as a glamorous campsite, offering numerous activities such as zip lines, climbing walls, and many other great activities.

Luxury Tented Camp

Glamping in California: The Luxury Tented Camp is another great option.

The Luxury Tented Camp is one of the most luxurious glamping you can find and is located in Kings Canyon National Park. If you want to wake up to birdsong and be surrounded by nature, this is the place for you. You can enjoy a great ride on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, an ATV experience, and even cultural experiences. 

Besides, you can enjoy every day of your stay the best sunsets you are likely to see. The Luxury Tented Camp has 32 stunning tents in one of the most beautiful locations as you look out over Sequoia National Park as well as Kings Canyon Park.


Magical Joshua Tree

Magical Joshua Tree is a place for a relaxing and luxurious vacation. Go Glamping in California.

Southern California has become one of the best destinations to enjoy a relaxing but luxurious vacation. The next glamping that we want to highlight, Magical Joshua Tree, is located in Joshua Tree National Park. This area has become one of the most beautiful in the whole area thanks to its desert landscape and rock formations. 

Also, this national park is perfect for millions of activities and exploring nature. Among the many activities you can do, the most popular are hiking, climbing, and horseback riding.


Costanoa Lodge

Glamping in California: Costanoa Lodge, an adventure and ecological vacation.

The last Glamping that we want to highlight is Costanoa Lodge and it is perfect for all those who want to enjoy an ecological adventure on one of the most beautiful coasts. Specifically, it is located in 

Pescadero, 2 hours drive from San Francisco and is surrounded by state parks from Big Basin to the New Year State Reserve and Butano State Park. Costanoa Lodge offers different kinds of accommodations: Lodges, Tent Bungalows, and Cabins with queen size beds.


And you, are you ready for your next glamping vacation?


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