Breaking Dance Music: All You Must Know

Breaking Dance Music: What is breakdancing and when did it start?

Music and dance are two of the disciplines that best complement each other, and we could not contemplate one without the other. As a result of this union, very popular dance styles have been formed, among which called breaking stands out above all.

We love to remember the greatest music, like our articles about the best Pop-Punk 2000’s bands or Best One Hit Wonder songs from the ‘90s, and now we want to explore this popular dance of all time. So if you want to discover the origin of this style of dance and how music is related to breakdancing, we invite you to continue reading this article 😉

What is breakdancing and when did it start?

Breakdance music has arguably become one of the best-known and most popular dances of all time. And we could say that this energetic modality is practiced basically in all parts of the world.

Breakdancing is part of the elements of Hip-Hop and is a discipline that requires creativity, perseverance, and above all, passion. Specifically, it is considered to be an urban style and one of the best known within the urban genre of Hip-Hop.

As we said at the beginning, music, and dance are two artistic disciplines that are related and complement each other very well, and it is that along with the growth of hip-hop music, this new style of art began to emerge. Breakdancing is considered to have originated in the Latino environments of New York City in the early 1970s

What is breakdancing inspired by?

As an urban genre, breakdancing is inspired by many things, as there is no single source of inspiration. In this way, it is believed that breakdancing began to be inspired by the performances of James Brown, of the DJs who animated any dance floor and gave the opportunity for thousands of dancers to express themselves through art.

Music and breakdancing

As we have not stopped repeating throughout this article, music is fundamental in our daily lives, and it is also fundamental in other artistic disciplines such as breakdancing. In this way, music is believed to be one of the main ingredients for this type of dance.

In order for bboys or bgirls to create their spectacular choreographies, the most experienced DJs choose music from other genres such as funk, jazz, soul, disco, and even electro and R&B. Through all these combinations, totally new and very identifying music is created.

In addition, another main characteristic of the music used for breakdancing is the fact of selecting different songs for the DJ to loop or chain them to create new melodies. In this way, hip hop music is also used for this dance genre, as it can be adapted to different genres.

Regardless of the music or genre that is used, the most important thing is that the rhythm pattern and tempo are the most appropriate and the best so that the best possible movements can be made.

What are the basic dance moves of breaking?

Now that we know the whole history of breakdancing, we only have to know what the basic movements of this type of dance are. As we have said before, breakdancing is a very dynamic and energetic dance in which many movements are mixed with a very fluid rhythm.

Like many other artistic disciplines like martial arts or kung fu, breakdancing has a series of basic movements that every breaker has to control, so we will discuss some of the most important ones below.

Top Rock

We could say that Top Rock is the basic step par excellence of breakdancing, and it is this step that is done when the performance is about to begin. That is to say, when the b-boys or b-girls are standing up and throwing themselves to the ground, they do so through Top Rock.

To do Top Rock, simple movements of the hands and arms must be done in the same rhythm as the music.

Go Down

Another very popular moving in breakdancing is the Go Down. This is used to drop to the ground in a controlled way, since the breaker uses the Top Rock position to go down with style. To make it even better, the ideal and what many dancers do is to make the transition as smooth as possible so that the dynamics of the dance are not interrupted.


Another of the basic steps that we could not stop commenting on is the Freeze. This happens when a b-boy or a b-girl decides to freeze their body for a few moments. This movement contributes a lot to the dance since it is normally used to emphasize the sound of music or also to indicate that a sequence has ended.


To end this article, we also want to mention transitions since they are one of the most used resources to be able to make it a fluid choreography without interruptions. In this way, dancers use transitions to start or end one of their movements.


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