Climbing Workout: tips for beginners and intermediate

Climbing Workout: a person practising rock climbing.
If recently we were talking about a great extreme sport such as free solo climbing, in today’s article we want to comment on climbing and the climbing workout, an activity that has gone from being considered only for mountaineers and turned into a great sport.

As a consequence of this, training to practice climbing has become increasingly technical for which it will be necessary to use specific tools and above all, have a basic knowledge. It is for this reason that in today’s article we want to talk about how to start climbing and the best tips for both beginners and intermediate climbers.

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How to start climbing?

Surely, if you have never climbed, you ask yourself where to start and you should know that in order to practice this sport it will be necessary to take a series of aspects into account. First, you should know that climbing has become one of the best forms of exercise and physical activity since practicing this sport you do full-body training.

If you have never climbed before, it is recommended to start in a climbing gym to be able to practice the best movements and the most useful techniques. With climbing, you can perform multiple activities so you can start with the easiest methods and gradually increase the degree of difficulty.

It is convenient to take a first test session or a short introductory course to learn the basics such as how to put on a harness, how to hold the rope correctly, the basic movements, and what are the most important support points. Starting to practice in a covered place, such as a climbing wall, is the best option since it will allow you to practice the most precise movements and position the body perfectly taking into account all the support points.

Starting climbing involves a process since there is a lot to learn and experiment with, for this reason, as we have mentioned, you should start with small challenges and gradually increase the difficulty.

Techniques to start climbing

After having discussed how to start climbing, we consider it necessary to also explain some of the basic techniques. To practice this sport it is essential to carry out a full-body workout, that trains on power, technique, and control of the body.

Train and exercise your body

As we have mentioned, climbing has become one of the best sports to practice as it exercises the whole body. To do this, it will be necessary to have considerable force throughout the body and not just in the arms. In addition, to be able to practice climbing correctly, it will be necessary to work on balance and gain strength in the most important areas, as it is your core strength.

Train balance movements

As we mentioned in the previous section, balance is a basic element in climbing. It is for this reason that it will also be necessary to work on balance with exercises that strengthen the different muscle groups.

Do mental work

Climbing, like many other sports, requires a great amount of mental work above all. This work should be done when the difficulty of the sport increases as it can become not only a physical challenge but also a mental one. To carry out this mental work it will be necessary to work on concentration and breathing, focused on balance and the movements that are made.

Basic tips for a rock climbing training

To end this article, we want to highlight some of the most important basic tips for all those who are beginners or have an intermediate level.

Go to specialized space

One of the most important tips is that any sport should be practiced in a specialized space. It is for this reason that if you decide to start climbing in an enclosed space, as we have mentioned, it is recommended that it has a safe space, specialized in the sport you want to practice.

Not only you will be able to practice with the best possible equipment, but you will also have the chance to observe the most experienced climbers and learn from them.

Perfect your movements skillsĀ 

It is important that before you begin real rock climbing, you perfect your movements and skills. To do this, it will be necessary to carry out continuous training and gradually improve.

Prepare for the warm-up

As in any other sport, the warm-up is a fundamental aspect to avoid injuries or other problems. In climbing, the warm-up is also very important since through various exercises you strengthen the body.

Listen to your body

The last and one of the most important pieces of advice is that you should listen to your body and always do what it asks of you. Climbing is a sport that requires great physical effort, it is for this reason that the body must rest much more to avoid injuries and overloads.


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