Discover all about the earring constellation piercings.

Surely your Instagram feed is full of constellation piercings, they are classy right? If you don’t know why they are called this way, stay in this article, because today we want to talk about these piercings that are trending!  

What are constellation piercings?

Constellation is about managing to imitate the shape of a star constellation in our ears, nourishing ourselves with the different types of piercing that we can do. They are a pure trend and are in tune with other styles such as minimalist tattoos, those that you’ll hardly regret in the long term 😉. 

The technique involves piercing the ear in a group of several tiny earrings (three or four minimum) artistically arranged in the shape of a constellation. As if it were a group of stars in the sky. It’s something very artistic and with a lot of personality! 

How is a constellation piercing done?

As we’ve mentioned, Constellation piercings consist of several perforations in the same ear. This implies a process, since it isn’t advisable to carry out all the perforations on the same day. A gradual process will guarantee us better results in the long term, so… you’ll have to have a little patience and perseverance to see the final result! Remember, It’s important that the holes are fully healed before re-piercing!

We advise you not to do more than 2 or 3 per session. And this is just an indicative number, since it will depend a lot on the anatomy of each person and their circumstances. We recommend the following steps to do a constellation piercing:

  1. Choose a design that you like.
  2. Look for a good professional specialized in piercings.
  3. Take care of your perforations to add new ones when they gradually heal.
  4. And finally enjoy your cool piercings. They will be the envy of all your relatives 😉

The meaning of constellation piercings

Constellation piercings go in the minimal or minimalist and elegant style, which is why they have become so famous on social networks. There are many reasons to bet on them, because in addition to being discreet and 100% customizable, they adapt very easily to the anatomy of your ear and to your personal tastes. They can be worn both in the lobe only, as well as in the cartilage and in the lobe. Here we tell you the main meanings of constellation piercings.

The horoscope

One of the most successful piercings are those that imitate the constellation system of the Zodiac. Here we can customize our piercings and bet on imitating some simple ones such as Virgo, Cancer, or Scorpio. Others are more complex, but equally beautiful and striking!

Little Bear Piercing

The Little Bear is another of the easiest constellations to represent through ear piercings. It’s a recurring constellation for navigators, with which it symbolizes aspects related to orientation and the path to follow in life. A sample of where our particular North is in life and where we should go to find our own path. Ursa Minor is a simple constellation that can be easily represented through ear piercings.

Big Dipper constellation piercing

This constellation is one of the most famous, probably because it’s one of the most easily visible from Earth. Again it’s a constellation that served as orientation in the primitive world for travelers and navigators. The main celestial maps of the 17th century included them as a guide for travelers.

And you, you already have your constellation piercing?




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