Thinking of getting a minimalist tattoo?

Are you thinking of getting a minimalist tattoo? These are the best ideas.

We have already spoken in numerous articles about tattoos and why this is a great world to discover. If you have already read our previous posts, we recommend that without any doubt you continue reading this, especially if you like tattoos and would like to get a minimalist tattoo.

What is a minimalist tattoo?

Before commenting on some of the best tattoos, let’s first talk about what a minimalist tattoo is. For that, have you ever heard the phrase less is more? Well, this is precisely applied in a minimalist tattoo.

The size and simplicity are possibly the main characteristics of minimalist tattoos. These stand out for being extremely simple in their composition since they are not recharged with funds or elements that make them lose that minimalism.

In addition to this, minimal tattoos also stand out because they are made up of very subtle fine lines, points, or geometric figures. All of this allows multiple combinations and, therefore, great designs to choose from for your body art.

Top 6: the best minimalist tattoos ideas

Now that you know what a minimalist tattoo is, you may have decided to get one, and for that reason, we are going to comment on some of the best minimalist tattoos to inspire you in your design.

Ring tattoo

The first type of minimalist tattoo that we want to include in this article could not be other than the ring tattoo. This small tattoo is so versatile that you can do it as an alliance with your partner or simply with your sister or your best friend to symbolize an eternal and deep connection that will last forever. Can you think of a better way to symbolize a relationship?

Flower tattoo

Minimalist flower tattoos are another one of the most popular tattoos and also one of the most beautiful that you can get. And it is that you can make a small flower tattoo of all styles and all types.

This type of tattoo can also be one of the most personal since flowers can be related to life, nature, or even beauty. In addition, it is a type of delicate design that adapts to any style so whatever yours is, surely a flower tattoo is perfect for you.

Initials or letters

The initials or letters are possibly another of the best minimalist tattoos that you can choose and these are perfect for getting a tattoo inspired by someone. They are considered to be one of the most discreet designs and it is also possible that they are a more personal one since you will always have a person’s initial tattooed for you.

A special phrase

If before we talked about initials or letters, we could not fail to include in this article the tattoos that reflect a special and personal phrase for the person who decides to wear that tattoo. A short, specific, and representative phrase, for yourself, is one of the best minimalist options that you can get a tattoo, and, surely, you will never regret something like that since they are simple, elegant, and very personal tattoos.

If you like this idea, think of a phrase from your favorite songs, or books, or maybe an advice someone special once gave you. There are so many great quotes, or even words, that we are sure that you are gonna find the one that suits you.

Geometric tattoo

As we said at the beginning, if a minimalist tattoo stands out for something, it is for its fine and geometric lines. To achieve an attractive design it is recommended to use and combine a series of shapes and lines to create a design. If something allows geometric shapes, it is possible to make a design adapted 100% to your tastes, be it something simpler or more complicated.

Woman silhouette tattoo

The last design that we want to comment on in this article is that of the female silhouette. This has become one of the most popular tattoos in recent years and it has become one of the best ways to honor the female form and celebrate the strength of each woman.

Where to get a minimalist tattoo?

Now that you know the minimalist design you want to tattoo, you only have to decide where on your body to get it. To solve all your doubts, we will comment now on some of the best areas of the body where you can get a minimalist tattoo.

Upper arm

The arms are undoubtedly one of the best places to get a minimalist tattoo as they are very aesthetic designs. Therefore, the first part of the body that we want to highlight in this article is the upper part of the arm but on the inside of it.

Side of the wrist

Another of the best places where you can get a minimalist tattoo is the side of the wrist, a place favorite among women. This has become one of the most popular sites in recent years and is that any type of design is very good in that area.

A very popular tattoo placed on the wrist is the semicolon tattoo, do you know the meaning behind the semicolon tattoo?

Above the ankles

If you are looking for a more discreet place, you can tattoo any design above the ankles. This area is also perfect for doing any type of tattoo since it is very versatile.

Finally, you will have to choose a tattoo artist and in this case, we recommend that you look for a tattooist that specializes in minimal tattoos…

Are you ready to get your minimalist design tattooed?


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