Why should you try the Smoking® Brown Paper?

Smoking® Brown Rolling Paper, Regular size, unbleached paper, and totally free of chlorine.
In previous articles, we have talked about the history of the Smoking brand, which are its best accessories and we have commented about the attitude and personality of a brand like Smoking. So, for you to get to know more about Smoking® products, in today’s article we want to talk about one of the best papers of the brand, such as Brown Smoking.

Why is Smoking Brown Rolling Paper so popular?

Smoking® is a brand that stands out for the great variety of booklets and products that it offers, and what it intends through all its products is to be able to adapt to the needs and tastes of all and each of its clients.

On this occasion, we want to talk about Smoking Brown Rolling Paper and how over the years it has become one of the favorites for many consumers.

Smoking Brown Rolling Paper has become one of the most popular because it is also one of the most environmentally sustainable. It is characterized by being an ultra-thin paper, with a high level of transparency, with slow combustion, and it contains specifically 60, 50 or 33 sheets per booklet depending on the size and type.

It is important to note that in order to guarantee the sustainable process, each of the papers is 100% FSC®, a certificate which guarantees that Smoking® participates in the responsible management and protection of the world’s forest resources.

The Smoking Brown Rolling Paper is made with 100% natural vegetable gum, without colorants or other additives in order to guarantee the consumer a better bond with a single pass.

Smoking Brown Rolling Paper products

As we have mentioned, Smoking is a brand that offers numerous products to all its consumers. As a consequence of this, each of its main booklets offers different types of products, which we will discuss below:
The differents Smoking Brown Rolling Paper and products.
Smoking King Size Brown + Tips

The first product that we want to comment on, within the Smoking Brown range, is King Size Brown + Tips and this is because it has a plus of 33 cardboard tips, always guaranteeing the greatest comfort for the consumer.

Smoking Medium Brown

The Smoking Medium Brown has also become one of the leading products of the brand and by buying this product you can get 50 sheets per booklet. Keeping in each of the formats one of the most important characteristics since it is an unbleached paper and totally free of chlorine.

Regular Brown Double Window

This type of product within the Smoking Brown range, in addition to having the same characteristics that we have discussed above, is a double booklet with a patented anti-slip system to further guarantee a better consumer experience. The Regular Brown Double Window has 120 leaves per booklet.


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