Ways to prevent Tattoo fading

How to prevent Tattoo fading: tips and advice.
Fading a tattoo is possibly one of the biggest fears and one of the biggest concerns when people get a new tattoo. It is true that over the years it is inevitable that the color loses strength and intensity. Even so, there are different methods with which you can achieve that discoloration is the least possible.

What should you do so that your tattoo does not lose color?

A well-done tattoo can be a spectacular work thanks to the bright and clear colors, even so, as we have mentioned, it is normal for tattoos to fade and lose color over the years. What is not normal is that after months or even weeks, the tattoo begins to lose color since this should not happen so quickly if the healing indications have been followed with proper care.

Next, we will discuss some of the most important aspects that you should take into account if you do not want your tattoo to lose color quickly.

Times and product to prevent tattoo aging 

One of the most important things that not everyone does is follow all the instructions that the tattoo artist recommends doing. In the end, we have to understand that they are the professionals and those who really dominate on the subject. So if they recommend a specific product and specific times, it is necessary to follow these tips since they are sure that it is the best product and therefore, you will get the best results.

It is important that if you want to change the product, you discuss it previously with the tattoo artist to make sure that this change will be positive for the tattoo aftercare.

Cleaning and hydration

In relation to what we have mentioned about times and products, it is also necessary to correctly carry out the entire cleaning, healing, and hydration process. To do this, we must remove the plastic or the bandage that the tattooist placed on the tattoo and let it “breathe”, always following the time recommended by the professional.

Cleaning the tattoo and healing it is possibly one of the most important steps for your tattoo to remain intact for a long time. In this way, you should wash the tattoo gently with antibacterial soap. Normally, it is recommended to do it between two or three times a day although this will depend mainly on the tattoo and, as we have already said, on the indications of the tattoo artist.

Through this cleaning, you will be able to remove the “old” cream in addition to healing the tattoo and the skin.

Tips to maintain the color of your tattoo

After having discussed two of the most important aspects that you should take into account for the aftercare instructions of your tattoo, we consider it necessary to also comment on some tips and relevant information that you should follow if you want to prevent your tattoo from fading more quickly.

Healing Process and tattoo

The healing process is a very subjective aspect since it depends on the type of tattoo, size, the speed at which your skin heals, and also if you cure the tattoo correctly. It is for this reason that the time for which you must perform the cures is totally relative, although one of the most important recommendations is that after the established cure time has passed, it is necessary to continue caring for the tattoo. In this case, you should apply moisturizer as this will keep the color more vivid.

As we have mentioned, the tattoo needs to “breathe” so applying too much cream can also be detrimental to the color of your tattoos and it can also be harmful to your skin.

Loose clothing 

While your tattoo is healing it is also advisable to wear loose clothing as this also ensures that the color remains for a longer time. It is recommended to wear loose clothing, as tight clothing can cause irritation and even scratch the area due to the clothing rubbing against the skin.

Beach and sun protection

The beach and the sun are two of the most damaging elements for the health of your tattoo. Specifically, the beach is the worst enemy of a tattoo since it is a place where there are many bacteria, they wear fewer clothes and in this way, your tattoo is exposed to possible infections whether it is in the sand or in the water.

The sun and UV rays will be the great enemy for your tattoo in terms of quality and it is what causes greater discoloration. The heat of the sun produces dehydration on your skin, which will directly affect the color and therefore its quality. So that the sun does not affect your tattoo directly, it is recommended to always use a high protection sunscreen that protects your new design from the sun’s rays, a minimum of SPF 50.

Of course, grape rays are totally prohibited for at least the first two weeks, although after this time it can directly affect your tattoo. Before performing any session, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.

Take good care of your skin

The last and one of the most important pieces of advice is to take good care of your skin even after the tattoo has fully healed. The more you take care of your skin and especially the tattoo area, the more you will prevent your tattoo from fade over time.


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