Revies of the iPhone SE 3, the next Apple’s phone.

There is still nothing confirmed, but if recently we were talking about the cheapest Xiaomi phones, today we have to talk about what is expected to be Apple’s cheapest mobile. And yes, even cheaper than the iPhone SE.

Whether you are thinking of buying a mobile or not, we recommend that you continue reading this article because without a doubt the information will surprise you.

Features iPhone SE 3

We could say that the speculations of recent months are becoming more and more true and although many features and news are unknown, some details have been leaked that we consider necessary to comment.

Design of the iPhone SE 3

The new iPhone SE 3 model belongs to the third generation of the cheapest iPhone of all time and one of the first pieces of news we have about this new mobile is that it will maintain the same design and the same size as the other mobiles that we have already seen. In this way, you can have a mobile with a characteristic Apple design since it will have an aluminum and glass chassis.

In addition, another novel element in terms of design, Apple is expected to end up eliminating the physical home button to increase the screen.

SoC A14 Bionic

We could say without any doubt that the biggest novelty that the iPhone SE 3 incorporates is the presence of the SoC A14 Bionic. This is the same as that used in iPhone 12 and therefore ensures that the mobile has a high performance.

More RAM memory

Another very positive change is the increase in RAM. In this way, the RAM memory is expected to be higher than the 3GB used in other devices of the brand. In the new iPhone SE 3 model, it would be 4G of RAM instead of 3G. In addition, the internal storage unit will amount to 128 Gbytes since a microSD card cannot be used.

5G mobile networks

If the above was great news, you should also know that for the first time this new model will support 5G mobile networks. By the time this new model comes out, the 5G network is expected to be much more advanced and therefore, it will be necessary for the new mobiles to ensure that they will be able to support this new network.

Quality of the camera and night mode

Although at the moment the possible novelties that are going to be introduced in the camera are unknown, it is expected that small modifications will be made to offer an even better experience to users. We all know that the camera is one of the most important aspects for Apple buyers and therefore, we are always working to improve.

Although we don’t know much, the camera and low-light photography are expected to be greatly improved. And therefore, it is expected that the new iPhone SE 3 will add Night Mode and further enhance this model.

When is the iPhone SE 3 expected to be released?

If there is a lot of speculation about the features of the new iPhone SE 3, about the launch date there are even more. They are talking about two possible dates, and it is said that the new iPhone SE 3 is in the process of being developed so that the launch can take place in the first half of 2022.

Despite this, other rumors claim that the launch of the new model of the cheapest generation coincides with the launch of the new iPhone 13 which is expected to be presented next September of this year.

Be that as it may, we are sure that this new model will become the favorite of all those who want to get a good mobile at a very low price,

How much will the iPhone SE 3 cost?

And we have left the most important and secure information you want to know for last. And yes, we mean the price and knowing how much the new iPhone SE 3 model will cost. As we have repeated throughout this article, no official information has yet been confirmed, and therefore, all we are commenting on today are assumptions and speculations.

Despite this, the iPhone SE 3 aims to be an evolution of all the models that have been launched in previous years but always maintaining its main characteristic of being the best mobile on the market with one of the most affordable prices on the market. Therefore, it is expected that the official sale price will remain the same as the previous mobiles and will be $ 399.





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