The best landscape photographers in the world!

The best landscape photographers in the world!
Still don’t know the best landscape photographers in the world? Photography is one of the artistic disciplines that is constantly evolving and over the years new styles and new techniques of photography have been created. Specifically, in today’s article, we not only want to talk about the best photographers but we also want to focus on what landscape photography consists of. Also, we will comment on the best landscapes that you can photograph.

But, first, what is landscape photography? And nature photography?

Landscape photography is the photographic representation of a place, be it a large natural space or a more urban environment, such as large cities and buildings. It is important to mention that landscape photography has been one of the most performed in the last years. Even so, in order to take good landscape photos, a series of techniques must be taken into account to achieve the best possible result. 

Before we focus on the most important characteristics of landscape photography, we consider it necessary to explain what nature photography also consists of. This type of photography encompasses all those that portray a natural element, it can be a living being or even a rock. What is intended through this photography is to capture the essence and aesthetics of nature, be it a photograph of plants, flowers, or fauna. 

After having made this small note, we will discuss the different types of landscape photography and which are the most used techniques. Within this photographic style we can see the representation of day or night landscapes, that is, it consists of capturing places where the time at which the photograph is taken matters and has a great effect on the photo, so it is necessary to take into account the preparation that taking this type of photography will entail. 

If, on the other hand, you want to take more innovative landscape photography and want to experiment, you can use the long exposure technique. Through this, you can reflect and capture the movement that occurs in the landscape. One of the advantages of this type of photography is that it can be done both during the day and at night and therefore allows you to experience many possibilities. 

As we have mentioned, landscape photography does not necessarily have to be a photograph of a natural place but it can also be an urban landscape where what is intended is to capture the essence of the urban place in its maximum splendor. 

As for the techniques, it is necessary to know what the rule of thirds is since it is one of the most solid bases to be able to compose an image. In this way, when a photograph is taken, the location of the main element must be taken into account, and in addition, the horizon line must be considered if it is present. 

On the other hand, it is important to comment that a photograph will never fully reflect what our own eyes see. Even so, to achieve this we can include different elements in the foreground to add depth to the image. 

Finally, it is also important to observe the scene before taking any photograph. At this time, you will have to study the lines and all the available elements to achieve an attractive and different composition. Through this analysis, you will also be able to discover the contrasts that the landscape presents to enhance the visual impact that it can have on viewers. 

The best landscape photographers you should know!

After having discussed the most important information about landscape photography, we will highlight the best landscape and nature photographers you should know:

William Henry Jackson

The first photographer we want to comment on is Wiliam Henry Jackson. He was an American photographer who has become one of the greats pioneers of landscape photography as he dedicated himself to portraying the best places throughout the United States. His style and way of working with photography has served as a reference for many artists such as the next one we will focus on, Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams

The next photographer you should know of is Ansel Adams and he is considered one of the best landscape photographers thanks to all the work he has done. His work stands out above all for having photographed the most important national parks in the United States and thanks to this he has inspired and has been a great reference for many other artists. 

To learn more about his work, do not hesitate to visit his Instagram account: @anseldams.

Travis Burke

Travis Burke is another of the great artists that we want to comment on as he is the clear example and reference of photography that portrays nature with a creative and diverse approach. Despite working with a very common style among other photographers, he is able to add a unique characteristic to his photos which makes them identifiable as well as transporting the viewer through his photos.

Atif Saeed

The next artist is Atif Saeed and he is one of the best contemporary landscape photographers in the world thanks to the fact that he does a perfect job in each of the elements that are part of the photography. He works to perfect the framing, the color management, and what the whole together expresses to the viewers.

Per Bak Jensen

The last of the photographers we want to include on this short list is Per Bak Jensen. This is a Danish artist who is characterized above all by taking landscape photographs from a modern artistic style. For this reason, it stands out for its minimalist use of the elements that appear in its photographs, and, in general, it usually reflects natural geometric elements. What he tries through his photographs is to find the balance between the elements that are part of the stage. It is a clear example of a photographer who studies and analyzes space in order to work on the composition of each of his works.

The most spectacular places to do landscape photography

If, after all that we have discussed in this article, you want to start making your own landscape photographs, we recommend below the most spectacular places to take landscape photography.

Machu Picchu, Perú

Machu Picchu has become one of the best places to photograph and it is one of the wonders of the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its great architecture and everything that surrounds it, it has turned into one of the best places to take large-scale landscape photography.

Ojo del Mar, Argentina 

Ojo del Mar is the perfect place to photograph an unusual and beautiful landscape since it is a natural phenomenon where formations and stromatolites are created, in addition, these water sources are surrounded by saline crust which makes the color blue be even more spectacular.

Fairbanks, Alaska

The next place we want to recommend is the largest city in the interior of Alaska, specifically, we are talking about Fairbanks. This may be the city with one of the most extreme climates and also the most varied in the world. Even so, it has become one of the best places in the world to take landscape photography thanks to the fascinating Northern Lights that can be seen. Capturing the impressive lights is not always an easy job and therefore great photographers have to apply all possible techniques to reflect the beauty of the site.

Antelope Canyon, USA

This is one of the places that are worth visiting once in your life and it is the perfect landscape to photograph the textures and aesthetics of nature. In Antelope Canyon, you will be able to perfect and put into practice many photographic techniques since it is a place where there are many lights and shadows. In addition, you can also photograph the starry night sky as it is a perfect place to photograph the milky way. Finally, if you love photography as much as we do, here you can find the best Netflix photography documentaries.
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