Music For Skaters: Best Playlists On Spotify

Music for skaters, great songs, and the best playlists on Spotify.

Skateboarding has become a lifestyle for many people, and being a skater goes much further than practicing this sport. Skaters are an urban tribe that since the end of the 20th century have been determining their clothing’ style, their way of relating, and also the music they listen to.

Music and skateboarding are undoubtedly two artistic disciplines that have always been closely related, through the music of the skate videos, competitions, or the skaters themselves who, in addition to practicing skate, also played in big bands.

Music and skateboarding: how do they relate?

As we said, the relationship between music and skateboarding has existed since the beginning of this sport and this, like any relationship, has evolved over the years.

In the beginning, thanks to some of the most recognized skaters of the moment such as Jesse Martíne or Jef Hartel, the skateboard culture was said to be directly related to the reggae style. A subculture was even created, what is known as reggae-skate.

The relationship between music and skateboarding has gone through all possible genres and although it may seem strange, the reggae style was abandoned to begin to relate skateboarding more to punk or rock. From that moment on, all genres have been welcomed into the skate culture and now, it is often related to more urban genres and hip-hop.

Skateboarding became a counter-culture to surfing and began to rebel against the established norms precisely through music and clothing. For this reason, it is said that music has become for many skaters a way of expressing their own style and their own identity.

Top 3 Spotify Playlists for skateboarders

For all those skaters who want to enjoy the best music while practicing this sport and doing the best tricks, we want to recommend 3 of the best Playlists that you can find on Spotify.

Skater Nostalgia, a Spotify Playlist

The first skateboard playlist that we want to recommend in this article is Skater Nostalgia. In it, you can enjoy 4 hours of the best classic rock, punk, and Hip-Hop songs of all time.

Official Skateboarding Playlist

Another list that you cannot miss is the Official Skateboarding Playlist a playlist in which you can also find a great variety of artists, melodies, and genres. So this playlist is perfect for everyone.

Sk8ter Vibes

If you want to enjoy 7 hours of music, Sk8ter Vibes is the playlist you need. A playlist where you can find a wide variety of alternative, indie, and rock music. A mix of Lorde, Two Door Cinema Club, or even Avril Lavigne.

The best songs about skate

If you still want to discover more about the relationship between music and skateboarding, you cannot miss the following songs that talk about skateboarding.

INI Style

The first song that could not be missing from this list is “INI Style”. This is considered to be the group’s quintessential song and is that in the 1980s, several skaters were also introduced in reggae style creating this song.

Possessed to skate

Possessed to skate is possibly one of the best-known skate songs. Not only it has become a reference song for its lyrics but also because it is a song performed by one of the most influential bands in the world of skateboarding such as Suicidal Tendencies. An American hardcore punk band.

Skate to hell

The 80s were the best years for music and skateboarding and for this reason, we could not help including Skate to hell by Gang Green on this list. As expected, Skate to hell mainly talks about skating. Gang Green is also an American punk rock band and is considered one of the great influencers of hardcore punk on the East Coast.

The Separation of the Church and Skate

If we talk about the most important songs about skate we could not stop including The Separation of the Church and Skate. This is more current than the ones we have mentioned before, and we say that this song has to be on this list since NOFX, the band that performs this song, is one of the most important bands of the moment.

Skate or Die

The last song that we want to include in this article could not better reflect the essence of skaters. And it is that the American band Teenage Bottlerocket wrote the song Skate or Die to reflect a fairly clear message. In addition, despite being also more current, the video clip has great references to the 90s.

Which songs do you listen to while you skate?

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