Pink Floyd’s Best Songs For Those 420 Moments

Pink Floyd’s Best Songs For your 420 Moments
In previous articles, we discussed some of the best songs about weed, because, as we mentioned in that post, the 420 times and experiences that occur while consumed, are directly related to music since it is present during the vast majority of experiences. If you are one of those people who smokes maria while listening to music and you are also a Pink Floyd fan, we recommend that you continue reading since we will comment on Pink Floyd’s best songs for 420 moments.

Top 8 Pink Floyd songs to smoke marijuana

Next, we will do a brief review of the 10 best songs in the history of Pink Floyd so that you can experience one of the best trips. Do you want to discover them? Keep reading!

Pow R. Toc H

The first song we want to mention in this article is Pow R. Toc H, from their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). as it is possibly one of the strangest songs the band has ever composed. Pow R. Toc H was written at the time when psychedelic music was on the rise, specifically in 1967. It is considered to be one of the rarest Pink Floyd songs because of the sounds that are included in it.

Arnold Layne

The next song on this list is Arnold Layne. We have decided to include it since it was the first single published with what is considered the original Pink Floyd line-up. In this way, the song has the voice of Syd Barret and therefore makes the song even more special. Although the years have passed since this song was published, it remains fresh and is perfect for any 420 moments.

On the Run

Another song we want to comment on is On the Run. If it is said that The Dark Side of the Moon is a reference to calm and tranquility, it can be said that On the Run is totally the opposite since it deals with fear, paranoia, and the tension that can be suffered.

As a consequence of this, the feeling of overwhelm that is experienced through the song is very successful. To achieve this, you will be able to enjoy brutal instrument work through electronic sounds that will undoubtedly catch you.


Dogs is the perfect song to put you in a moment of complete relaxation while enjoying both alone or with a marijuana joint. And we say that it is perfect because it is one of these songs that last 20 minutes and that you will not get tired of listening at any time.

Over the years, Dogs has become one of the most favorite songs for the great Pink Floyd fans. It was recorded during the climax of progressive rock and for the entire duration of the song, you will experience one of the best moments of music.


Another song that we want to include in this article is Time. This one was written by Waters and talks through the lyrics about the passage of time and how quickly life passes.

Time has grown even more important over the years because when Waters sang it at age 70, he added even more intensity to the message and to the song itself. Like many other songs from Pink Floyd, you will be able to enjoy a song full of sounds and melodies that will undoubtedly remain trapped in your mind for the rest of your life.


The next song we want to discuss is Echoes and this is undoubtedly one of the best songs that reflect the most characteristic sound of Pink Floyd. Echoes is considered to be one of the great classics of 1971 and the four members of the band made important contributions to create this great song that will undoubtedly take you to the best places through your journey smoking marijuana.


Money is another of the songs that could not be missing in this list about the best Pink Floyd songs to listen to while you smoke weed, and this is a song that surprises for its melody and above all, for its catchy chorus. Money is considered one of the most commercial songs of the group since it was the first Pink Floyd song that entered the United States singles chart. Still, we couldn’t stop including her because of the melody.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond 

The last song we want to mention in this article is Shine On You Crazy Diamond and this song was written as a tribute to Syd Barrett, the original lead vocal of Pink Floyd. At the time this song was written, the Barrett era had finished, since he had already been out of the band for almost 7 years and through the lyrics of this song, it was conveyed to him that even though he was gone, his spirit still continued to guide the band to the top.

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