Recycling Facts that will blow your mind!

Recycling Facts to help you in your daily life!

Nowadays, everyone knows what recycling consists of and the importance of really separating all the waste that we generate correctly. Even though we have more and more information and there is more and more awareness on the part of society, many people still worry that they are not doing things well.

And precisely, we want to share this post to help all those who want to continue improving and caring for the environment with a more sustainable life. Let’s see curious and useful recycling facts to get better at it!

What do we not know about recycling?

As we said, there is more and more information about recycling and how it should be done. Even so, there are many things that many people still do not know, and therefore, we are going to comment on some of the most important data that you should know about recycling.

In addition, to make it more useful information, we will mention the different data based on the different materials that we can recycle.

Facts about cardboard

Believe it or not, cardboard is a type of material that is present very often in our daily lives. If we think about it, practically all the orders we make at Amazon and other marketplaces come in cardboard corrugated boxes, and in the United States alone 100,000 million boxes are produced each year. For this reason, recycling paper and cardboard has become an essential action to avoid pollution, reduce water waste, and above all, to save forests.

Information on organic waste

As we mentioned in our article on sustainable living, reducing the amount of waste we generate is a fundamental aspect for the proper development of the planet and above all, recycling correctly. To do this, we must buy only those that we need.

Food waste should be a major global concern, as approximately 34 million tons of food waste is produced each year in the United States alone. We are talking about almost half of the food in that country being wasted.

Currently, there are initiatives such as Too Good To Go with a very clear motto: “Save food, help the planet”, which aims to avoid wasting food and for this, it makes available to users food that is going to be thrown away, at a very low price.

Too Good To Go is currently available in Spain and several locations in the United States. Look for initiatives like this in your country!

Recycling plastic facts you should know of!

If before we said that cardboard was a material that is very present in our day-to-day life, we cannot forget about plastic as we consume a lot of this material. If you think about how much plastic we use in our day, you will surely be surprised. Although there are more and more alternatives to plastic, it is still a material that is in our most daily actions.

We will only say that when we recycle a single plastic bottle we save enough energy to be able to keep a light bulb on for one hour. When we say that we consume a lot of plastic, we mean it because Americans throw more than 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. We can only imagine how many will be thrown around the world…

Information on glass

And finally, we could not forget about another of the most common elements in our life. Specifically, we refer to glass, and we must know that this is a 100% recyclable material since it can be recycled and reused on numerous occasions. Now you know, you should choose to consume glass bottles and jars over plastic ones.

3 tips to recycle correctly

You have probably wondered many times, how can I recycle well? Now that you have more information about the importance of recycling and all the benefits that this brings to the planet, we are going to discuss some of the most important tips that you should know to recycle correctly.

Tips to adopt recycling easily at home!

Integrate it into your daily life

In the end, recycling should be part of our day-to-day since in many areas of our life we ​​can easily recycle. We can understand recycling as a game so make things easy for yourself. Buy cubes of different colors, place them in a space that is easily accessible, decorate them to your liking to identify where everything goes…

Make a more sustainable purchase

If we make a more sustainable purchase in the end, everything will be easier. Buy products with containers that are spare parts with the environment or also, you can always bulk products using your own glass containers. As we always say, it is the small changes that we can implement that matter to achieve a big change.

Reuse products and packaging

Also, there is the great option of reusing products and packaging for other things. Giving a second life to these containers will allow us to give the products a longer life and therefore avoid the unnecessary consumption of, for example, plastic bags.

Recycling is essential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution!

And we assure you that once you learn how to do it, it is easy and will make a difference!


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