Latest news about sustainability trends in fashion industry

We love to talk about fashion, but also about sustainability, in case you hadn’t noticed šŸ˜‰. So, today we are going to talk about the latest sustainable trends in the fashion world, ready?Ā 

Latest trends in sustainable fashion

1. Regenerative agriculture

Given the large amounts of CO2 emitted by the fashion industry, a growing number of brands, including Patagonia and The North Face, are seeking natural solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere by adopting regenerative farming practices, a type of agriculture that doesnā€™t use tillage, but employs a diverse variety of crops to help return nutrients to the soil. In fact, designer Mara Hoffman launched a line of garments called Climate Beneficial, produced using regenerative techniques.

2. Climate Positivity

The growing interest in regenerative agriculture is part of the climate positivity movement, which focuses, as its name suggests, on the positive effect of fashion on the environment, rather than simply the negative effects of fashion on the planet.

Humans change our behavior for two types of reasons: cognitive (what we know and understand), and emotional (what concerns and impacts us). The informative tone of climate catastrophes is framed within the cognitive, although the emotional is the most decisive to take the step towards a change towards the implementation of responsible production and consumption measures.

This explains the abuse of shocking images of the ravages of the climate crisis, as well as specialists providing data on carbon emissions, loss of diversity, etc. The saturation of this type of messages has ended up creating fatigue and detachment towards everything that implies sustainability!

3. Biodiversity

With one million species under threat of extinction, biodiversity becomes a priority this year. Fashion plays a major role in global biodiversity loss, due to land use, deforestation, water pollution and waste generation. Major industry giants are already reacting, such as the Kering group, owner of Gucci or Stella McCartney, which last year already unveiled a biodiversity strategy, aiming to achieve a positive impact on biodiversity by 2025.

4. Circular thinkingĀ 

Do you know what circularity is? Itā€™s the movement that promotes the use of resources over and over again, is here to stay, and in 2022 itā€™s gaining ground!

5. Second-hand sales as a new business modelĀ 

A business model that puts the circular economy at the center is the sale of second-hand clothing, which has gained ground in recent times. Companies such as Vestiaire Collective, Depop, Vinted or Wallapop are gaining more and more followers every day, thus eliminating certain cultural stigmas regarding the use of second-hand clothing.

6. Biodegradable materials

The field of sustainable fashion continues to seek alternatives to traditional materials, most of which contain microplastics, act against animal welfare, or need to consume many resources for their production. The next step to follow is to scale these new materials so that they can be implemented in mass production.





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