The best of Bob Marley’s songs

The best of Bob Marley's songs. Bob Marley smiling.

Bob Marley is to reggae what Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles are to rock, and although their songs may not be your musical style, surely you have been singing and humming some of their songs, given that Marley, is considered one of the fathers of reggae music.
It has been 39 years since Bob Marley said goodbye and it is for this reason that we want to make a compilation of his entire musical career.

Bob Marley's greatest hits

We want to start this post by reviewing his greatest hits, specifically, we will highlight 3:

No woman no cry

The first one we want to highlight is “No woman no cry” and it is possibly one of Bob’s best-known songs Marley. This song, although it was part of the 1974 album Natty Dread, did not have great success until his next Live album in 1975. Through this song, Marley recreates a farewell letter to a woman, where the artist reviews each of the moments the two have shared.

I shot the sheriff

“I shot the sheriff” is another of the singer’s most remembered songs. This was included in Burnin´, an album of 1973 and through this song, the author tries to denounce the difficulty that people have to fight against power. Therefore, Marley decides to tell the story of a person who was accused of a crime that he never committed.

Get up Stand Up

Through his songs, Bob Marley wanted to convey something beyond, and that is why he included themes such as social struggle in his songs. Get up Stand Up is about the fight and the defense of human rights and emerged after the singer visited Haiti, where he saw the conditions in which they lived.

Best love songs of Bob Marley

Bob Marley also stood out for composing great love songs, it is for this reason that we want to highlight four of the best love songs that the singer composed:

Is This is love

This was one of the Jamaican singer’s greatest hits and was part of his album Kaya. Over the years this song has become one of Bob Marley’s most popular songs and is a song of pure love.

One love

Another song that we want to highlight is One Love, this one belongs to the Exodus album from 1977 and collects all the most philosophical thoughts that the artist wanted to convey to the world through his music. It is for this reason that this song preaches love and the ability that humans have to ask for forgiveness, therefore, it makes a song of love and union.

Could You Be Loved

This song, Could You Be Loved, is considered one of the greatest hymns dedicated to freedom and was part of Uprising, Bob Marley’s last album released in 1980. By this time, Marley was already aware of his illness and it is for this reason, that through the Bible, he calls for the importance of each person having free thought, and the need to fight for each individual for their own ideals.

Turn Your Lights Down Low

This is considered one of Bob Marley’s sexiest songs. This slow song was also featured on the 1977 Exodus album and talks about lost love. It is considered one of the sexiest songs of the author due to the rhythm and the guitar.

Bob Marley´s ​​songs Top 10

Although we have done a great review of the best songs of Bob Marley, we want to end the article with a top 10 of the songs of this great artist.

Is This is love

As we have discussed previously, this song of love has become one of the artist’s greatest hits over the years.

No Woman, no Cry

No Woman, No Cry has become one of the most popular songs and can also be considered one of the greatest hits.

Three Little Birds

Through this song, Bob Marley talks about the importance of being positive. Even so, it is important to comment that this particular song can have different interpretations and meanings, and Bob Marley never made it clear which of the interpretations was correct.


The next song we want to comment on is Jamming, one of the Bob Marley & The Wailers songs and is possibly one of the best known. Jamming refers to dancing closely together during a celebration of the beat of the music.

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier is another of the most famous songs and although it was recorded in 1978, it was not released until 1983 on their Confrontation album. Through this song, Marley wants to honor the black soldiers who fought in the Indian Wars.

Get up Stand Up

As we have mentioned, Bob Marley dealt with social issues through his songs, and this way, he wanted to reflect on the importance of the struggle and the defense of human rights.


Through the song War, Bob Marley addresses racism by making people understand that as long as there is racism or other racist acts, all over the world there will be war.

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is another of the songs that we wanted to highlight because in this one, Bob Marley talks about the prejudices that people have about reggae music and it is for this reason that through this song he wants to eliminate them.

Satisfy My Soul

Satisfy My Soul is another of the songs that we want to highlight within the top 10 of Bob Marley songs before it was known as Don’t Rock My Boat and was later recorded also for the album Kaya.

I shot the sheriff

Finally, we want to end this article by highlighting again the song I Shot the Sheriff through which Marley denounces the difficulty people have to fight against power.

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