The best places to go Sandboarding in the whole world

Which are the best places to go on Sandboarding in the world?

If you are a lover of extreme sports and want to discover a new one, this is your article! Specifically, we are going to talk about sandboarding, and it is that this has become one of the most popular extreme sports in recent years. So that you can get to know this sport, we are going to comment in this article about what it is, what you need, and what are the best places where you can practice sandboarding.

What is sandboarding?

In order to understand what this sport consists of, we have to go back to the 80s in Florianópolis, in Brazil. We could say that this sport arose as a result of the rise of surfing and that, basically, sandboarding consists of sliding and descending between the sand dunes aboard.

It is considered to be a sport very similar to surfing and snowboarding since instead of descending through the snow or moving on the waves, it is done through sand dunes.

Is sandboarding an extreme sport?

As we said at the beginning, sandboarding can be considered an extreme sport and as such, we must be aware that on some occasions it can be a dangerous sport.

An extreme sport is considered to be one that has a certain degree of danger due to the conditions or situations in which it is practiced. For this reason, sandboarding is also considered an extreme adventure sport. In addition, we cannot forget the adrenaline that is experienced while practicing this sport.

At all times, when practicing a sport of this type, we must bear in mind that safety and protection are essential to avoid any possible problem. Therefore, the use of protection such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads are essential elements to safely practice this sport.

What do you need to practice sand boarding?

Now that we know what sandboarding is and why it is considered to be an extreme sport, we only need to know what you need to be able to practice this sport.


The main thing that we have to take into account is the table, and in the end, this is going to be the main element necessary to practice this sport. Usually, the boards used in sandboarding are usually made of wood and fiberglass.

It is recommended not to use the same board that is used for snowboarding, since sand boarding must be harder to be able to slide better in the sand.

Suitable clothing and shoes

In addition to the board, it will also be necessary to wear suitable clothing and shoes to practice this sport. In this way, it is recommended to wear light clothes in light colors and especially very comfortable. We say that it is light-colored clothing, since sand boarding is usually practiced in areas where it is very hot.

As for footwear, it is always recommended to use boots that are correctly fixed on the board that we will use. These boots have to be rigid, especially in the ankle area, to avoid injuries.


As we mentioned before, protection is fundamental in this type of extreme sports, since only in this way can we guarantee that we are protected at all times and that we will be able to enjoy a good experience.

The best places to practice sandboarding

If you have wanted to practice this sport, it only remains to know some of the best places in the world to practice sandboarding.


The first place we want to mention is Merzouga. This is located in Morocco, very close to the border between Morocco and Algeria. Specifically, in Erg Chebbi, there are giant sand dunes perfect for practicing this sport. Thanks to the number of dunes that there are, this place has become one of the best places to practice sandboarding since you can do turns, jumps and all the movements you want. Without a doubt, you will be able to enjoy an experience full of adrenaline.


The next place that you cannot miss is Ica, in Peru. This is a country full of desert regions, but without a doubt, Ica is one of the most spectacular areas where you can practice sandboarding. In this place, you can practice many movements, slide in zigzag and perform giant jumps between the dunes.


Believe it or not, the next place we want to comment on is Tottori. This site located in Japan has some of the most incredible sand dunes in the world. Specifically, the Tottori dune is one of the largest in Japan and therefore has become the place par excellence for sandboarding.

Cerro Negro

Would you like to practice sandboarding on a young active volcano? Well, in Nicaragua this is possible. Specifically, you must go to the Cerro de Negro volcano and above all, in this place it is necessary to be accompanied by an expert guide to avoid any scare. Despite this, sandboarding in Cerro de Negro is one of the greatest experiences you can live.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

A sandbox of epic proportions, the entire dune field encompasses 30 square miles, and the tallest dune towers 750 feet high. The tallest dunes in North America are the centerpiece in a diverse landscape of grasslands, wetlands, forests, alpine lakes, and tundra.

Sand Master Park

What can you do on the Oregon Coast? We invite you to visit Sand Master Park, the world’s first sandboard park. Acres of pristine, sculpted sand dunes with beginner & advanced slopes. The highest dune is approximately 70 metres (230 ft) above sea level.


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