The best virtual Museum tours for you to enjoy

The best virtual Museum tours for you to enjoy. Woman in a museum.

The situation that we are experiencing caused by covid-19 has made us have to change or completely cancel all our plans. Even so, thanks to the fact that digitization allows us to be closer to everything, we can continue visiting our favorite museums because numerous virtual tours have been created in museums so that we can continue to enjoy art.

We know that visiting a museum or an art gallery implies a great visual experience and in many cases, also a sensory one. Even so, the digital transformation has allowed us to be closer to these places through our electronic devices.

If you want to enjoy art from your living room, we recommend that you continue reading as we will discuss the best virtual Museum tours for you to enjoy.

The Louvre Museum virtual tour

The first virtual tour we want to discuss is the Louvre Museum. The Louvre is one of the best-known museums and has opened its doors for all those Internet users who want to visit its works. With art pieces dedicated to impressionism, fine arts or archeology, this museum stands out for its large corridors full of great works. Currently, it offers three virtual tours: Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre Moat and the Apollo Gallery, which you can enjoy from home.

Just by entering the Museum website, you can discover the different online tours they do.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tour

It is an art museum located in Washington DC that has an extensive collection of art from the United States and therefore, during the global pandemic, it also carried out different virtual tours which allowed visitors to take different self-guided tours. In this way, viewers could go room by room to different exhibitions and different areas of the museum from any electronic device, computers, or mobile phones.

It is important to note that the Smithsonian National Museum of Nature History also adapted selected collections and research areas to this digital format, as well as past exhibitions that were no longer held in face-to-face visits.

Currently, through the Smithsonian Museum website, you can discover great exhibitions both current and past.

The British Museum virtual tour

The British Museum is another of the best-known museums in the world and its collections deal with very diverse topics such as human knowledge, history, archeology, ethnography and art. As a result of offering this great variety, this museum in London has become one of the most important museums and also one of the most visited.

Currently, the British Museum receives more than 5 million annual visitors, and for this reason, it has also been part of this large number of museums that have opened their doors virtually during the pandemic.

To do this, it was created a website called The Museum of the World where they created a timeline based on categories such as art and design, power and identity, or for example trade and conflict. Through this great timeline, people can know all the works of each of the categories and of all times.

For each of the works, a technical sheet has been created that includes written information about it, audio, its location through Google Maps and, finally, related objects are also included.

The best virtual museum tours for kids

If you want the little ones to enjoy art, virtual museum tours for children have also been created.

Met Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has created a museum, as indicated, made for, with and by kids. This museum created for children is called Met Kids and, through a map, children can explore all the works by just clicking on them.

Also, they will be able to enjoy a time machine where they themselves will be able to decide what year, place and based on what ideas they want to travel. All this is accompanied by great educational and interactive videos so that the little ones can also learn and enjoy art.

Tate Modern

The British National Museum of Modern Art is best known by the name Tate Modern and is located in London. Like the other museums discussed, the Tate Modern also offer virtual tours in addition to creating the platform Tate Kids. This has become a platform made entirely for children based on three main categories: Make, where children can make their own paintings, Games and Quizzes through which they can discover what kind of art superhero they are, and finally Explore where you can discover dynamic videos about artists such as Malevich, Degas or Dalí.

Museo Nacional del Prado

The well-known Museo Nacional del Prado has also wanted to offer children different videos on its YouTube channel as audiovisual guides in order to bring art closer to children. In each of the videos, they focus on explaining the most iconic works in the entire museum, such as Las Meninas by Velázquez or the Garden of Delights by Bosco. To complement this virtual experience, it has also created a game on its website where you must find a list of characters in a funny illustration located in one of its large rooms.

Famous museums and more virtual tours to enjoy

Finally, we want to comment on two last virtual tours of museums that you cannot miss.

Van Gogh Museum

This is located in Amsterdam and has the largest collection of works of art by Vicent Van Gogh in the world already, which includes more than 200 paintings and more than 500 museums.

Pergamon Museum

The Museum located in Berlin is one of the most important that is found on the Museum Island and it is also the most visited in the city. In it, you can see and admire classical antiquities, the Middle East, and samples of Islamic art. You can visit and enjoy all the art that this museum hides thanks to the virtual reality tour made from an application.


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