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In today’s article, we want to talk about piercings again, and specifically, we want to comment and talk about the Helix since it is probably one of the most popular among young people. If you are thinking of doing a new piercing, keep reading to discover the definitive guide on Helix Piercing, placed in the outer cartilage of the ear.

What is Helix Piercing?

As we mentioned in our previous article about the ranking of the most painful piercing, the helix piercing is the one located in the upper part of the ear and more specifically on the upper cartilage. The helix is ​​probably one of the most popular piercings and for many people, this is one of their first piercings.

Does Helix Piercing Hurt?

The sensation of pain will always be different for each person. And we cannot forget that a piercing will always cause a sensation of discomfort since in the end, we are hurting our skin.

Even so, if you are a person who suffers from the pain that it can cause you, we want to tell you not to worry about this piercing in particular. The vast majority of people place their degree of pain between 4 and 5 out of 10.

Thus, we can affirm that
although the Helix piercing is one of the most painful ear piercings, its pain is not so significant. That is, you will surely notice a sensation of discomfort and even a burning sensation, but it is not a painful piercing since it is a part of the body in which everything is cartilage.

Healing process and times

Healing times are essential for any type of piercing and even tattoos. The recommendations and all the indications of the professionals who perform this type of piercing should always be followed.

Next, we will comment on some of the most important points that you should take into account in the healing process of your Helix Piercing.

It is normal that after the piercing your ear is red, swollen, and may even bleed a little. In moderation, these first symptoms are completely normal. Even so, if this continues to happen in the next few weeks, we recommend you go to the center where you have had the piercing done, as those are signs of infection.

Another aspect that you should take into account is that the healing process of this type of piercing is long, specifically, it can take between three and six months to heal completely.

How to make good healing of your Helix Piercing?

After mentioning some of the most important information regarding the times and the healing process, we consider it necessary to give you more tips. So, we will also comment on how good healing of the Helix Piercing should be carried out to avoid any type of infection or problem.

Clean it carefully 

You should cure your piercing 2 or 3 times a day, always following the recommendations and products that the specialized center advised you to use. Professionals usually recommend using saline solution and a cotton ball, with extreme care. After taking this into account, you must perform all cleanings very carefully without moving the jewel too much as this can cause more pain and even delay the healing process.

Do not move the jewel

Now you know that one of the most important aspects that you should take into account in your care is not to move the jewel while cleaning, as it could cause more pain. Besides, it is important to note that you should avoid sleeping on the jewel and also avoid using any accessory that may affect the healing process.

Keep the piercing dry 

The last great recommendation to keep your piercing well healed is to keep it dry. This is a recommendation that should be applied to any type of piercing, although with greater importance in those that are performed on the cartilage. It is essential to keep the piercing dry as this will prevent infections and any type of problem that may arise.

What jewelry can be worn in the Helix Piercing?

One of the great advantages of this type of piercing is that it allows you to wear many different types of jewelry. This way, you can use earrings, bars, or any other type of piercing jewelry.

It is important to mention that many professionals recommend that a medicinal jewel should be worn first so that the piercing heals correctly. Later, the jewel can be changed and you can wear the one that best suits your tastes.

What jewelry can be worn in the Helix Piercing?

As a consequence of the popularity of Helix Piercing, new modalities and new types of piercing have begun to be created based on it. Specifically, you may also like the one that is known as the contra helix. This, as its name indicates, is the opposite of the helix. You can also look into the double or triple helix.


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