The History of Smoking®: your rolling paper brand

The History of Smoking®: your rolling paper brand.

In this new article, we want to tell you a little more about the brand. Smoking® is currently one of the leading companies in the rolling paper book market. That is why we want to explain what is its history, how it has grown, and what is its commitment to society and the world we live in.

The History of Smoking®: Miquel & Costas Group

Miquel y Costas Group is the company behind the Smoking brand. It has more than 125 years of history and experience and offers one of the largest repertoires of paper and accessories in the entire market.

18th Century: This is where it all started

The brand emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in Barcelona where the Miquel family began to make paper by hand. Between 1879 and 1880 the brand “El Pino” was born, the predecessor brand of Smoking created by the brothers Lorenzo and Antonio Miquel y Costas. Through this brand, the business project began to evolve towards modern manufacturing in 1914 when the first rolling paper booklets of the brand “El Pino” began to be manufactured.

1992-1926: Smoking is Registered as a brand

After carrying out these first works, in 1924 the Smoking brand was registered and since then, a vision of a cosmopolitan, international brand and of great cultural concern was created. All this brand personality that was raised in the beginning, was not only reflected at the time of its creation but has been maintained and has been adapted to the present.

With the registration of the brand, Smoking and its network Smoking Rice booklet became iconic for several generations. In this way, it begins to become a recognized brand for users as well as receiving the “Gran Premio” at the international exhibition in Barcelona, in recognition of its quality and innovation of the product.

Over the years, Smoking began to grow as a brand, and between 1931 and 1936 increased production fivefold because it began to be considered one of the most popular, as well as the Spanish Market leader.

70’s – 90’s

During the next few years, the Smoking brand continues to experience great growth, which is further enhanced by the export of booklets to the United States. As a consequence of this evolution, the brand begins to develop new products in order to further meet the needs of users. And for this, the ultra-thin cigarette paper was created in the 90s, which was a success in the market.

XXI century

Over the years, Smoking has established itself as a brand that works constantly for research and innovation. And as a result of all this work, Smoking has been able to offer a wide range of papers and accessories in order to cover the needs and tastes of each of the consumers so that they can make their choice a true expression of uniqueness.

In order to achieve this, Smoking works on innovation in its papers and therefore develops and launches the Smoking Brown and Organic ranges. Since in addition to betting on innovation, Smoking is a brand that also works for sustainability and it is for this reason that as a brand wants to contribute to the evolution of an increasingly sustainable planet. That is why we want to continue explaining to our most committed consumers the different products that help us preserve the environment.

It is important to note that nothing of what the brand has achieved would have been possible without a clear commitment to excellence and that is why Smoking is synonymous with quality since Miquel y Costa is a company that follows rigorous controls to guarantee the highest standards in each and every one of its products.

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