The most famous street photographers in the world

The most famous street photographers in the world. Young woman with a camera.

Street photography is an art form and a genre that has existed for many years, although it is true that in recent years it is more fashionable than ever. As a consequence of this, we want to dedicate this article to the most famous street photographers in the world, of the 20th century and the more contemporary street photographers.

The best street photographers of all time

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The first photographer we want to comment on is Henri Cartier-Bresson since he was one of the photographers who created the foundations of a genre that he himself helped to define. Cartier-Bresson stood out for being an expert in capturing the unique moment, always committed to reflecting the reality of the moment. Through his photography, he intended to seize magical and decisive moments where the different elements were combined with each other.

Francesc Català-Roca

The second photographer we want to highlight is Francesc Català-Roca, who became one of the greatest exponents of street photography in Spain. Català-Roca is considered the master of reportage photography. Through his photographs, he reflected the daily reality of Barcelona in his times and also wanted to show the great architecture of the city.

Bill Cunningham

We also wanted to point up the work of Bill Cunnigham as he is a clear example of how street photography and fashion can be merged into a single discipline. Cunnigham stood out for walking the streets of the Big Apple and portraying, through his photographs, the different styles of the people who passed by the streets of New York.

Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is another French photographer who could not be missing from the list since he is the person who took the famous photo of “The kiss in front of the Town Hall”, which has become one of the most famous in the history of Photography.
Doisneau stands out for a contemporary photograph similar to that of Cartier-Bresson since they were great friends. In this way, he dedicated himself to walking the streets of Paris, waiting for the best time, with enough patience to be able to photograph people and portray unique moments.

Elliot Erwitt

Finally, another of the great photographers we want to remark on is Elliot Erwitt, who stands out for the irony reflected in his photographs. He is considered to be a very versatile photographer and he is famous, above all, for taking photographs that spontaneously capture a moment through perfect framing, with a humorous but elegant style.

Famous street photographers nowadays

Having commented on the best street photographers, and true artists, of all time, we want to continue discussing the best photographers of today.


The first current photographer we want to show you is Boogie and he is considered the current master of urban photography. He was born in Serbia, and that is where he began to photograph the disturbances that his country suffered during 1990.
Beginning to portray these types of situations completely defined his style, and therefore, it is considered to reflect the darker side of humans, since his photographs portray the most fearsome ghettos in the world. He is well-known as one of the great masters of photography and that is why he has managed to work with major brands such as Nike, Gucci, or the HBO streaming platform.

Lee Jeffries

The next photograph we want to highlight is Lee Jeffries. This one stands out for being a self-taught photographer professional who has reflected the most marginalized sectors of society.
His style is characterized above all by reproducing the people´s expressions and their detail, such as the look in the eyes of a homeless person. In this way, emotion and feelings have become the essence of his photography since, in addition to the looks, he always seeks to generate a bond with the people that he reflects in his photographs.

Rui Palha

Rui Palha is the third photographer that we want to focus on and the reason is that he, through his photographs, brings everyone closer to the reality of life. In numerous interviews, Palha has stated that he feels surprised by the movement of people in the street, by their expressions and reactions. And that is why, through his photographs, he wanted to reflect everything that these people transmit to him.

Black and white street photography: best photographers

Lee Friedlander

The first photographer we want to highlight, in black and white street photography, is Lee Friedlander, who stands out for having one of the most extensive and complex works. His style is characterized by being carried away by intuition in order to break with the established and thus always offer something new. His black and white photographs instantly managed to reflect the social landscape of cities.

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt was an American photographer known for her great black and white photography and for taking documentary-style photography. Through her work, she showed the world through a poetic vision, and for this, she portrayed above all women, children, and in general, the life that was lived on the street.

Some great street fashion photographers

We consider it very interesting to comment on this article as well, great street fashion photographers:

Phil Oh

The first photographer we want to highlight is Phil Oh. He began by sharing the best photographs on his blog of the different fashion events that were around the world. From there, and after moving to New York, he started working on this blog, contributing and showing what he found most interesting about the personal style of cities around the world. In addition, thanks to his work, he has managed to collaborate with magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or Elle, among others.

Candice Lake

Another of the fashion photographers we want to point out is Candice Lake. She started studying law until she discovered that she really liked being a model. As a result, she decided to move to New York to work on large international campaigns as a model. Little by little, she began to regain her passion for photography and decided to study Fine Arts and it was in 2009 when she decided to move to London where she started working for Vogue as a photographer who portrays street fashion.

Scott Schuman

Finally, we want to show you the well-known photographer Scott Schuman who, through his website The Sartorialist, hangs the best photographs he takes of the style he sees on the streets. This website has almost two million visits a month and thanks to his work, he has managed to work with major brands such as Chanel or Bottega Veneta.

To take his photography, he not only focuses on portraying a single thing but also looks at a combination of different factors such as person, light, or clothing, although he believes that stylistic strength is more important than the clothing itself.


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