Which are the Most Popular Google Doodle Games?

Most popular Google Doodle Games. Some of the commemorative Doodles.
As we commented in our previous article on Google Translate, we can affirm that Google is possibly one of the most used search engines nowadays, and in addition to standing out for this, it does so because of its characteristic Doodles. We are sure that you have at least one time entered to do a search and you have not seen their Google logo but a variation of it. In this post, we will discover the most popular Google Doodle Games ever.

The most popular Google Doodle Games ever

The first Doodle was designed in 1998 when the founders of Google made new designs on the logo of the well-known Burning Man Festival to notify them of their attendance. Later, in the year 2000, the creators repeated this again to commemorate Bastille Day and since then, more than 4000 Doodles have been designed worldwide to commemorate different events.

For this, other colors are incorporated, the letters are modified or even small video games are added without having to leave the main screen.

Google Doodle of August 30, 1998.
Next, we will comment on which have been the 4 best Google Doodles of all time.


The first Doodle that we want to highlight is the one made by Google on May 21, 2010. It is surely one of the most remembered since on this date, the search engine commemorated 30 years of the well-known Pac-Man game. This design, in addition to maintaining the Google name, was interactive and worked in the same way as the original game. This interactive Doodle really achieved that Google users stay and play awhile.

Google Doodle for the 30 years of the well-known Pac-Man game.

London Olympic Games

During the 2012 London Olympic Games, Google made different Doodles through which it reflected the different disciplines of the games. Among the disciplines they represented were swimming, soccer, basketball, and table tennis, and like all other designs, the Google name was seamlessly integrated into sports.

2012 London Olympic Games Google Doodle: Opening Ceremony.
2012 London Olympic Games Google Doodle: Opening Ceremony.

Rubik’s Cube

The next Doodle that we want to focus on is the Rubik’s Cube Doodle that was made on May 19, 2014, and this has been considered to be one of the best Doodles in history, that have been created so far. The design was interactive and showed the movements that the players made to solve it.

Rubik's Cube Google Doodle of May 19, 2014.

122nd Anniversary of the Birth of Charlie Chaplin   

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 122nd anniversary of the birth of British actor, comedian, composer, producer, screenwriter, director, writer, and editor Charlie Chaplin, Google dedicated a video of two minutes to him as a Doodle and was published on April 16, 2011.

Doodle for the 122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin.

The best Doodle for Google in 2020

During this year 2020, numerous Doodles have also been created to commemorate major events such as the United States Elections, Mother’s Day, or Teacher’s Day. Even so, among all those that we have enjoyed, those designs that refer to the pandemic and the situation we have experienced this year stand out above all. And it is that Google joined the global campaign that was created under the motto of Stay Home. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Save Lives Google Doodle.

In addition to this great design, during many of the days of confinement, Google was creating day after day different Doodles that made reference to situations and actions that people could do while staying at home.

Google created different Doodles during the pandemic confinement.

Special Google Anniversary Games

In addition to the Doodle that we have mentioned previously about Pac -Man, Google also developed other popular games like the famous Snake game. To commemorate the celebration of the Chinese New Year of 2013, Google surprised the world with an interactive Doodle that simulated the game of Snake.

Google Doodle Snake Game for the Chinese New Year of 2013.

Another of the best interactive Doodles is the one known as Coding for Carrots and was created in 2017 to commemorate 50 years of Kids Coding, the first programming language designed for children. Through this, children could program to help a rabbit get its favorite food, that is, carrots.

Google Doodle Coding for Carrots.

If you want even more Doodle series, check out the Google Doodle Archives.

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