The most thrilling go-kart tracks you must try!

The most thrilling go-kart tracks you must try!
In recent years, karting has experienced an important growth and it has become a very popular and fun practice. If you are passionate about car racing and speed, karts are surely a great experience for you as it has turned into one of the best activities to do with your friends, or even with your family to try-on all the sensations and emotions it generates.

So that you can feel the adrenaline, in today’s article we want to comment on which are the best go-kart tracks in the world, the largest and the most exciting places that you should try and enjoy kart racings.

The best go-kart tracks in the world

Next, we will comment on the best kart tracks in the world:

Dubai Autodrome, Dubai

The first go-kart track of our list is in Dubai and due to the importance of the Dubai Autodrome, International karting competitions have even been held there, including the World Finals rounds and the Middle East Karting Championship. Specifically, the Kartodromo section is considered one of the most elegant tracks and also one of the longest.

Lydd Kart Circuit, England 

The next track is located in England, and this one has become an official racing circuit in England as it is 0.645 miles long. This track stands out above all for being outdoors in Kent and is perfect for all those who want to enjoy a great karting experience.

Wackersdorf, Germany 

The last kart track we wish to comment on is Wackersdorf and it is located in Germany. Over the years, it has become one of the most used tracks in the world of karting as it stands out for being very wide with many overtaking opportunities.

Thanks to the design of the circuit, it has become another of the best options for karting since you can enjoy great braking, fast corners, and as we mentioned, numerous overtaking that will make your experience a true spectacle.

Which are the largest and the fastest go-kart track worldwide?

In case you want to enjoy the karting experience even more, here are some of the largest and fastest tracks in the world so you can take this extreme sport to the maximum.

Specifically, we are talking about the track that was inaugurated the last year 2019, in Massachusetts, specifically in Wrentham.

The installation was carried out by Supercharged Entertainment and a new space of 125,000 square feet of entertainment was created and specifically, 80,000 square feet dedicated solely and exclusively to the kart track. This is a new track that stands out for having a unique design since it combines different levels thus creating a unique and truly spectacular route.

In its Instagram page, you can discover amazing pictures of the track and you should not miss this video of Supercharged.

Thrilling indoor go-kart places you should try!

Payerneland, Switzerland

The first indoor circuit to highlight is Payerneland, located in Switzerland. This has become one of the largest tracks in Europe since it has a track of more than 900 meters. In addition to enjoying one of the best circuits, you can also enjoy a large area called Laura Parc where there are slides, mini motorcycles, quads, and even an electric car track.

Indoor Go Karting at Formular Fast, Milton Keynes 

The next track that we want to include in this short list is also considered one of the largest in Europe. The Formula Fast MK is located in the United Kingdom, at the headquarters of the British Rental Karting Championship. This route stands out because it was designed by Formula 1 professionals with more than 500 meters of track and is known for its spectacular curve known as “Stadium Bend”.

Michael Schumacher Kart & Event Center

The last of the indoor tracks we want to mention is Michael Schumacher Kart & Event Center, located in Kerpen, Germany. This is one of the most modern facilities and has approximately 600 meters. It is the perfect place to enjoy with the family as it has a track for adults and children. In addition, all Michael Schumacher fans will be able to enjoy the Schumacher´s museum.

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