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Smoking is a brand that is constantly working and evolving to offer not only the best papers but also the best filters, tubes, and accessories. Among these accessories, the machines stand out above all to adapt to the needs of users and facilitate their experience.

As a consequence of this, in today’s article, we want to comment on what types of machines exist and how they work.

The best Smoking® rolling machines

Since the first machine appeared, Smoking has created and developed different models in order to satisfy the needs of the users depending on the type of product they use. Currently, you can find 9 types of machines of which we will mention their main characteristics.

It is important to mention that in addition to rolling machines, Smoking also offers cigarette cases and tobacco boxes accessories. The cigarette case has become one of the most useful and elegant devices allowing you to carry 14 cigarettes with the most characteristic style of Smoking. If what you want is to preserve your tobacco and transport it safely, the perfect accessory is the tobacco box.

The Smoking® Cigarette case and the Tobacco box.
The Smoking® Cigarette case and the Tobacco box.

Types of rolling machines

As previously mentioned, Smoking currently has nine types of rolling machines. We will comment on each one of them through the 3 product categories that the brand currently distributes:

Smoking® currently has nine types of rolling machines.

Standard Machine: The first group of rolling machines are the so-called Standard Machine, these are methacrylate machines and are the most suitable for all those who want to make their own cigarettes. Within this category, the user can find 3 different machines, that are also known as zig-zag rolling machines:

  1. Standard Rolling Machine 70: This is perfect for all those users who choose the 70mm long Regular Size format. 
  2. Standard Rolling Machine 78: This is the best rolling machine for Smoking consumers that prefer 78mm long Medium Size papers.
  3. Standard Rolling Machine 110: This is the ideal machine for all those who use the King Size paper format. 

Metal Machine: The next category that we can find within rolling machines are known as Metal Machines. 

Again, the user will be able to choose between 3 different machines depending on the type of paper used, 70, 78, or 110 mm long. It is important to mention that the Metal Machine has become one of the best high-quality machines to achieve the perfect cigarette.

Others: In addition to the different machines mentioned above, the user will be able to find three other great products: 

  1. Adjustable Rolling Machine 70: This machine is also perfect for the 70 mm long Regular Size format and is ideal to adjust to the filters the user wants. 
  2. Metal Rolling Box 70 and 78: The Metal Rolling Box is another of the machines that you can use if your favorite paper is Medium Size 70 or 78 mm long. Unlike the other machines, this one has a square shape and also allows you to create the perfect cigarette.

How do the cigarette rolling machines work?

Thanks to the variety of cigarette rolling machines Smoking offers, rolling your own cigarette has never been easier. And, although each device works in a specific way, using them is just a matter of practice. 

It is important for you to know that when you roll the tobacco with a machine, you should observe if the tobacco is tight or loose and also if it is well compacted or if the tube is well placed, in order to obtain the best result. 

Do you want to learn how to do it yourself? Do not hesitate to visit the Smoking Paper YouTube profile where we teach you, through simple videos, how to roll your own cigarettes.


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