The ultimate guide for Daith Piercings

A guide for Daith Piercings. Woman with a daith piercing.

Nowadays, piercings are a very famous aesthetic option among young people. In other articles we have already seen tattoos and piercings like the septum, but today we will focus on the daith piercing.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

First, what is a daith piercing?

You may be wondering what is a daith piercing. Well, here you have the answer: the daith ear piercing is an earring in the inner cartilage. It is like a hoop that actually hugs the cartilage on the inside of the ear.

It is curious to highlight that during these past years, daith piercings have gained a lot of fame due to the effect they have on people. Apparently, they can help migraine problems and there are a lot of forums and webpages on the internet in which they tell their own positive (and negative) experiences.

Does daith piercings hurt?

But…does this piercing hurt? As with any piercing or tattoo, daith piercing pain is a worry. The fact is that with the daith piercing, people’s testimonials tell that you feel something like dull pressure. Taking into account that each person has a different pain tolerance, it’s widely agreed that because of the placement in the cartilage of the ear, daith piercing can be more painful compared to other ear piercings.

Daith piercing: jewelry you should use

If you are thinking about getting a piercing, we are sure you already have some aesthetic ideas on how you want your daith piercing jewelry. Anyway, hereunder we are going to give you some ideas about the best jewelry for this piercings.

  1. Hoops: this kind of daith piercing earrings are really popular among everyone since it hugs the cartilage.
  2. Clicker earring: this daith ring is really similar in style to the hoops, but the difference is that it has a mechanism that opens and closes with a simple click for easy removal and application. If you are a beginner, this is your ring!
  3. Captive bead: the captive bead ring is a cute option as it is a circular hoop earring in which centres there is a little rounded piece that gives a different look to the ear.
  4. Barbell: barbell piercings are not popular for daith piercings, but can also be used without any problem. People normally use curved barbells for this kind of piercings and one advantage is that it is really easy to remove. Thanks to its tougher look, the barbell is an option famous within daith piercing for men.

The most used materials for daith piercings and also for any kind of piercing, in general, are two: surgical steel, which is a solid bet as long as you are not allergic to nickel, and titanium. Titanium daith earrings are a very good option if what you want is a durable metal with less nickel content but still being hypoallergenicaly solid.

How much does a daith piercing cost?

About the daith piercing cost we can say that it oscillates between 30$ and 80$ without the jewelry. It is not a cheap piercing because the difficulty it involves, that is why you should look for a place in which you are sure they take health and cleaning measures but also have a lot of experience doing piercings.

Daith piercing: healing process and how to clean

After all this information, you may be asking yourself the duration of the healing process and how to clean the daith piercing?

First of all, the daith piercing healing time takes around six to nine months if you take good care of it. For the daith piercing healing process, you will have to take into account some specifications. One of them is that it is not recommended to sleep on new piercings. About cleanliness, it is encouraged that you cleanse it with a sterile saline wound wash twice a day and also give it a good flush in the shower. After cleaning it, you also should dab the area with some vaseline in order to avoid crusts and scabs formations, which can lead to infection or irritation.


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