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These 3D street art paintings are absolutely stunning

mysterious caves

As we recently talked about famous street art, now we want to continue talking about the most famous impressive 3D works of art so that you can get to know this kind of art works and also some great 3D street artists. 

3D street art is a new artistic expression that is constantly evolving and consists of using different techniques to create visual works in public places. What is intended to do is to surprise the viewer by creating in them an optical illusion capable of deceiving the mind. 

The most famous 3D street art paintings you must know

Mysterious cave 

This is one of the best known works of the artist Edgar Müller, of which we will briefly explain his career below. This work is famous because it shows the artist’s skill of managing perspective and depth, making it look like there are real mysterious caves in the middle of a busy street.


We want to talk also about the artist Kurt Wenner and specifically about his work Muses, which we have selected because, although it is a 3D work painted on the ground, it really looks like an old painting similar to the ones painted by the ancient artists.


Lava Burst

We wanted to select another work painted by Edgar Müller. The Lava Burst is specifically located in Ireland and reflects a scene from a horror movie where the street begin to sink until everything becomes a great river of lava.

lava burst


With the rise of this type of art, many brands wanted to use this resource and convert 3D street art in their own advertising campaign. One of the best known examples is the drawing made by the EasyJet company in Edinburgh. Through it, people are invited to travel and enjoy their vacations at sea. 

Some great 3D street artists

After having known the most important works we want you to also know the best 3D street artists in the world.

Edgar Müller

Edgar Müller is a German artist and one of the best known 3D painting street artists in the world. His fascination with painting started from a young age until he became the great artist he is today. In a self-taught way, he began to look for new ways to express himself through three-dimensional street art creating his own style. Influenced by his knowledge of traditional painting and modern communication, Müller stands out for a simpler and more graphic style through which he aims to challenge the viewer.

Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is an American artist known for his 3D street painting. He started painting since he was really young when he saw a street artist do it. Then, he started creating different works of art on any surface (from asphalt, sidewalks and even house walls) to finally become the great artist we know today. During all these years he has worked for NASA, Absolut and many other big brands known worldwide.      

Julian Beever

Julian Beever is a British artist known for creating 3D chalk drawings on pavement using the technique called anamorphosis to create an optical illusion. Thanks to the technique he uses in his drawings, he is able to defy the laws not only of perspective but also of drawing as he creates realistic works.

Leon Keer

Leon Keer is a Dutch artist which can be considered one of the most influential of the decade thanks to the great works he creates in 3D. His influence derives from his great representative style, which is characterized by an anamorphic style so that the viewer enters his works and that he is also a participant. Keer, through his works, aims to express messages focused on social problems, on climate change and the world in general.

3D street art illusions that will make you doubt

  1. The Crevasse: this street art piece painted by the already mentioned Edgar Müller recreates a super realistic crevasse which seems taken from Antarctica itself.
  2. Tunnelvision: this piece created by a local artist called Blue Sky in a parking lot in downtown Columpia, is a 50ft x 75 ft painting that shows a tunnel which seems to lead to a fantasy world. We are sure that more than one driver has been confused by the appearance of this wall.
  3. Floating shapes: this minimalistic painting made by Felice Varini, an artist based in the city of Paris, is based on the concept that, if you position yourself in an exact point you will see the whole painting which confuses the eye of the viewer and its concept of perspective.
  4. Siete punto uno: this incredibly realistic 3D illustration made by the street artist John Pugh to adorn a wall located in Los Gatos, California tricks our eyes so that we almost believe the scene of the broken wall is real. But the fact is that even the woman peering into the ruin is just another part of the painting.

Incredible 3D sidewalk chalk art… Yes! Chalk!

Most of the artists we already mentioned use chalk to create their paintings. Some of these paintings created with this technique are “The Waterfall” by the famous Edgar Müller, the “Czech Cursor Installation” painted by Kurt Wenner or “Swimming Pool” by Julian Beever. Below you can see photos of each one of them. 

After seeing all of these 3D paintings, do you feel like doing some street art tourism?


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