Top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world: top speed and more!

The Top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world.

Since Honda launched its CBR110XX, the first motorcycle to exceed 300 km/h (186.4 mph), many models and brands have worked to become the fastest motorcycle in the world. So if you are a lover of motorcycles, motorbikes, and especially speed, this is your post!

Today we will talk about the fastest motorcycles in the world and, for this, we will make a top 10 of which are these motorcycles.

The Top 10 fastest motorcycles nowadays

As we have mentioned, we will start this article by making a top 10 of the world´s fastest motorcycles of all time:

Dodge Tomahawk

Currently, the fastest motorcycle, which occupies the number one position, is the Dodge Tomahawk, since it reaches a top speed of 536 km/h (333 mph) and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in just 2.5 seconds, which is something spectacular for all motor enthusiasts.
The fastest motorcycle in the world, and in history, has four wheels, a 20-valve viper engine, and a power of 500 HP.

MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K

With respect to the first and second fastest bike, there is a considerable difference, and is that the MTT Turbine Superbike Y2Z reaches 365 km/h (226.8 mph). It is important to note that Marine Turbine Technologies is currently one of the highest performance turbine manufacturers.

It hit the market in 2006, these bikes are hand made to order, following the buyer´s specifications. This means that only five units are sold per year at an approximate price of $ 133.00, and the Guinness World Records has declared them the most expensive production motorcycle.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The third most powerful motorcycle in the world is the Kawasaki Ninja H2R and the Kawasaki brand is one of the firms that has stood out the most for having one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. This model is a motorcycle with 326 HP of power that makes it possible to reach a maximum speed of 357 km/h (221.83 mph) although it is important to highlight that it is not suitable for driving on the street, as it does not have the necessary approval.

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1200R

The Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1200R, despite not being the fastest motorcycle, has become one of the most popular motorcycles, within the so-called “fast bikes”. It is capable of reaching 318 km/h (197.5 mph), and, although it has not managed to be the fastest bike in the world, work is being done so that the new version would become the fastest one.

BMW S1000 RR

In the fifth position, we find the BMW S1000RR since with its 194CV it is capable of reaching 316 km/h (196.3 mph) very quickly. This has become one of the motorcycles that have generated the most expectation in recent years due to its speed and design.

MV Agusta F4 R312

The next bike that we want to include in this top 10 was designed to reach 312 km/h (193.8 mph). It is an Italian motorcycle that offers great performance and has also become one of the best motorcycles on the market due to its aggressive and particular design.

Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird

In the seventh position, we place the Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird and it is tied with the next motorcycle that we will discuss since both reach a speed of 310 km/h (192.6 mph). This motorcycle stands out for having become a true gem since it hit the market in 1966 as one of the fastest motorcycles of the moment.

Ducati R 1199 Panigale R

The next bike is the Ducati R 1199 Panigale R and this one, as we have mentioned, is capable of reaching the same speed as the Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird. It is important to note that this motorcycle is not valid worldwide and stands out above all for its classic red design.

MV Agusta F4 1000 RR

The MV Agusta F4 1000 RR became the first motorcycle capable of exceeding 300 km/h since it can reach 308 km/h (191.3 mph). Since its launch, it has become one of the motorcycles par excellence of the MV Agusta brand because is a model with a very sporty design and with more advanced technology.

Yamaha R1 YZF

The last motorcycle we want to include on this list is the Yamaha R1 YZF, and this is also a true jewel of 1998. It has a total of 200CV and is capable of reaching 297 km/h (184.5 mph). Since it hit the market, 7 different versions have been created that have stand out as the fastest bikes.

How fast do the fastest motorcycles go?

As we have mentioned in the top 10 of the fastest motorcycles, the highest speed that has been reached in all history is 536 km/h (333 mph) and the Dodge Tomahawk is the only one that has managed to overcome the barrier of 500 km/h (310.6 mph) and, up to the moment, no other brand has been able to reach or exceed that speed.

Which are the street legal fastest motorcycles?

Although we have made the top 10 of the fastest motorcycles, we want to make a top 3 of the fastest legal motorcycles:

Ronax 500

The first motorcycle that we want to include in this small top 3 of the fastest motorcycles in the world and legal to be able to use on the street is the Ronax 500. It has 160 HP and with its own MotoGP specifications. It is important to note that this motorcycle is produced with a limited edition of 46 units.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

The second bike is the Aprilia RSV4 FR and this is a street version of the bike that champion Max Biaggi used in the 2010 World Superbike Championship and updates are still being made to continue improving, and turn it into a faster but legal bike.

Yamaha YZF-R1 M

Finally, we want to highlight the Yamaha YZF-R1 M, which has become the best motorcycle for all Valentino Rossi fans since it is based on the YZF M1 for MotoGP from the Yamaha brand.

Who has the world record for the fastest motorcycle race?

Finally, to finish this article, we want to comment on who has the world record for the fastest motorcycle race. The first record was made in 1903 when Glenn Curtiss reached 103 km/h (64.0 mph) and the current record is 605 km/h (375.9 mph) and was achieved by Rocky Robinson.

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