Discover the top 5 best music podcasts for music lovers

If you are a music lover, we’re sure you not only like to listen to music but also to talk about it or even listen to others talking about related topics such as the latest info and gossip from our favorite artists, then you are in luck! Today we want to show you the best podcasts that talk about music, are you going to miss it? And if you love hipster music, don’t miss our latest article about the best hipster songs! 

Top 5 best music podcasts

1. Riffs on Riffs

This podcast from Evergreen Podcasts talks about sampling in popular music. Toby Brazwell and Joe Watson talk about different points in the music. You’ll hear stories of all kinds and you’ll end up thinking more than once: “How did that song get out of there?” Listen to it! 

2. Monday Morning Mixtape

Okay, this may not be a podcast as we know, but Stamp The Wax’s Monday Morning Mixtape is a weekly mix of laid-back sounds. It’s on Mixcloud, so you can download it from there and use it for example on your website. You have hundreds of proposals that you’ll love! 😉

3. All Songs Considered

Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton host this podcast produced by NPR. They are two friends who love music and share the best weekly news, including conversations with artists and new songs. 

With this weekly podcast, you won’t miss a thing in the music world! You might even discover your new favorite song or hear a song that will change your day.

4. Song Exploder

This podcast is one of the most famous, edited and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway. In the episodes, you can listen to artists talking about how they created their songs.

It gives the listener a real insight into how a song is made, its creative process, and everything that goes into it. The guest list is fantastic, from The Killers, Solange, Lorde, Jack Johnson, and many more!

5. Disgraceland

This podcast is very different: it talks about true crimes involving artists who literally get away with bizarre behavior. Each episode is 30 minutes long and chronicles the criminal acts of a musician. 

Explore these stories while listening to the songs of these artists. Surely you’re curious now, aren’t you? Go listen to it!

6. Questlove Supreme

This podcast is hosted by The Roots’ drummer: Questlove, a professor at New York University and a Pandora consultant. In the episodes, he talks about the stories behind many of the names you’re sure to know. He also brings in numerous musicians as guests!

7. Reasonably Sound

Do you like pop music? This podcast looks at pop hits to find out what makes them so successful. 

The musicologist Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding will make you laugh, dance, think and sing. It also explores songs from other eras, so if you’re not a pop fan, you’ll find older types too!

And you, do you know any music podcast that should be on this list?




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