Twitch vs Youtube: Which Is The Best Platform For Streaming

Twitch vs Youtube: Which Is The Best Streaming service?

We recently commented in an article on a basic guide to start streaming on Twitch and become one of the best streamers in the world. Before Twitch, YouTube was the platform par excellence to carry out this type of broadcasting and therefore, we want to comment in this post on which is really the best platform for streaming, so we will make a Twitch vs Youtube comparison.

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Why broadcast on Twitch?

Twitch is standing out over other social media because it offers a wide variety of categories in which to broadcast and as a result, it has become one of the platforms that generate the highest user traffic. Only with this information you have probably already convinced yourself that Twitch is the best platform to start streaming.

Even so, we are going to comment on some of the advantages that this platform will offer you:

Best platform for video games

If you are a video game streamer, without a doubt, Twitch is the platform you need. The current success of this streaming service is due to the number of streamers who make their video game content on this platform. As a consequence of this, users flock to Twitch to see content mostly of this genre.


Surely, if you are a YouTube user, you have heard on numerous occasions that content creators complain about the remuneration they obtain. To make its platform even more competitive, Twitch offers much more interesting options. For this, it was created “Twitch Partner”, a badge that offers to distinguish those Twitch streamers who have a big number of subscribers and considerable traffic.

In addition to trying to offer better pay, Twitch also offers a number of awards to content creators for views of their work.

Advantages of broadcasting on YouTube

As we said at the beginning, YouTube was the streaming platform for excellence and one of the most powerful on the market. With the aim of becoming a better service, they also introduced the possibility of streaming and broadcasting live.

As we have commented on some of the main advantages of Twitch, we will do the same in the case of YouTube and it is that although it is considered that Twitch is becoming the main streaming platform, the reality is that YouTube continues to offer very important advantages.

More content 

The main advantage that YouTube offers is aimed especially at users and is that this platform offers much more variety of content than Twitch does. As we have mentioned, although you can find other types of content, Twitch stands out above all for being focused on video games.

As a consequence of this, it is considered that the content offered by YouTube may be of more interest to the vast majority of users.

Better engagement 

Currently, many content creators loyal to YouTube began to stream through this platform with the aim of getting more subscribers and therefore attracting more attention to their own channel.

In addition, as a consequence of what we have discussed in the previous section, we cannot fail to mention that currently many of the most important broadcasts of events are carried out through YouTube.

So what is the best platform to stream?

After having commented on all the advantages and the most relevant information of each of the platforms, it only remains to know which is the best platform for streaming. Like everything, this is our recommendation so if you decide to stream you can always choose to previously experience all the platforms that exist.

Currently, it is undeniable that Twitch is the platform that is being echoed around the world and although in these early days the content is focused on video games, more and more streamers, influencers, and even brands are joining and creating content on Twitch.

In the end, this platform has become a new means of communication, so being present and creating content on Twitch will always be a plus.

That said, if you are a video game streamer, you definitely have to go and create your content on Twitch and it is the best platform for this sector.

Finally, we want to comment that YouTube is still a great place for presentations, events, or interviews for more popular audiences.

Have you decided? Let us know which one you chose to do your live streams!


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