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Use your camera with Google Translate App!


Google Translate is one of the most well-known tools for translating texts around the world and probably the most widely used as well. Since last 2019, Google Translate incorporated a major update in its application, such as the incorporation of the camera in its translator to facilitate translations now not only from texts but also from images. 

If you still don’t know all the utilities of the Google Translate app, keep reading because this is your article.

How to use the Google Translate App offline?

Another of the great updates that Google Translate incorporated was the possibility of being able to use the application offline. To do this, you will simply have to modify the application settings through the “Offline translation” option. After activating this option, all the languages ​​that you will previously have to download to the device will appear in order to carry out the translation. 

In order to download a language, you will have to press the “More” icon, a list will open with all the 103 available languages, by clicking the “Download” button you will have all the languages ​​activated to be able to perform the offline translation.

Does Google Translate App work on Iphone and Android?

Currently the Google translate application is available for both operating systems, both Google Play and the App Store. For both app stores, the app offers the same features, with the same functions and features.

The benefits of translating text from an image

The incorporation of the camera in the application has been one of the great innovations allowing people to translate any image regardless of where you are. That is, if you are traveling, you can translate everything that you do not understand simply by using your mobile phone and its camera. 

When the camera has been activated, you will simply have to focus on the text you want to translate and the translator will automatically identify the text and translate all the sentences. When the app detects the text to be translated, the translated text is automatically superimposed on the original text.

Other benefits of Google Translate App

One of the main advantages offered by the Google Translate app is the large number of languages ​​it offers to carry out translations. As we have mentioned, currently 103 languages ​​are available so that you can make any translation. 

Also, it is important to highlight the naturalness with which it carries out the translations since it allows the user to use an everyday vocabulary and adapting the translations to the needs of each text.  

The speed with which you carry out your translations is another of the great characteristics of this translator, which offers instant translations regardless of the amount of text.

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