What can we do to stop climate change at home? 7 ways!

What can we do to stop climate change at home

Although there is still much to do, society and especially the new generations, are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the world we live in and reducing Global Warming through small acts. Although many times we think that we need great actions to change the world, the truth is that with small actions we can improve many things.

From Smoking, we know that our consumers and our readers are the generations of change and for this reason, we invite you to continue reading this article to discover 7 Ways to Reduce Global Warming at Home.

What are climate change and global warming?

Surely, if you are a person who is already committed to the environment, you already know what Climate Change and Global Warming are, even so, we would like to comment briefly on what it consists of.

It is understood that global warming is the increase of the greenhouse effect, that is to say, it is the long-term increase of the Earth’s temperature thanks to greenhouse gases. Thus, climate change has a negative impact on the world in which we live and, above all, it affects the oceans and the atmosphere.

Although this phenomenon has always existed, in recent years it has become a major concern due to the activities and large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions generated by humans.

7 measures to reduce climate change

As we have said before, any action no matter how small can help reduce Global Warming. The important thing is to make small daily changes and include ourselves in our routine. We will highlight 7 ways in which you can reduce emissions and support the fight against climate change.

Get informed

Every change starts with getting informed and knowing about the situation. We recommend that if you are really committed to the cause, you inform yourself on a blog, through digital newspapers and that, above all, you contrast the information you are reading. Today, we have access to a large amount of information thanks to the internet, although not all of it is valid.

Once you consider that you really have a bigger knowledge of the subject, it is time to share it and in some way, educate your friends, colleagues, or even family. Through this global education, we can promote the collective mindset change that we so badly need to save our world.

Reduce Your Water Consumption

The next simple, easy, but effective action is to reduce your daily water use. We just have to be aware of the actual use we make and avoid unnecessary water wastes. Use the dishwasher and washing machines as long as they are completely full as this will reduce the water and avoid unnecessary emissions. Do not keep the shower running whenever, that is, avoid leaving it on while you brush your teeth, shave, or perform any other hygiene activity.

Use public transport

Transport and our mobility are one of the activities that pollute the most and that we can really change quickly. In this way, the key is to reduce especially the use of your own vehicle in those cases in which we really have other efficient alternatives and that do not generate so much pollution. Among all these options, the sustainable means of transport that do not pollute such as bicycles or use public transport as it is more optimized.

Even so, if you are one of those who prefer to drive by car, you can always choose to buy an electric car or choose a sustainable service such as car sharing.

Recycle and reuse

Recycle, reuse and reduce are other of the most common measures that have been gaining in importance for years. In addition to reducing our consumption, the aim is to make it more sustainable through recycling and reusing.

In this way, the fact of looking for a second useful life for the products that we have acquired is promoted with the aim of reducing their impact on the environment.

Save energy

Today, we live all the time connected and we need energy in practically all our activities. Even so, as in the other options that we have discussed, we also have at our disposal different alternatives or actions that we can take in order to reduce our energy consumption.
Actually, it is as simple as turning off our computer or television completely once we are no longer using them, avoiding the excess of the iron, the washing machine and including, for example, the use of low energy consumption led bulbs. All these measures can help you to be more energy efficient!

Bet on renewable energy

The following actions that we want to comment on are possibly more complicated than the previous ones that we mentioned. Even so, we want to highlight them as well since they will be the future of sustainability.

The first one is the use of green energies such as solar panels. Through this type of energy, you can bet on your own electricity consumption and actually consume clean and renewable energy, without carbon emissions.

More and more people are also joining this type of energy since there is no impact on the environment and also, it is a way of reducing the electricity bill.

Plant a tree!

The last action we want to recommend is planting a tree. Through this type of action, you will be able to avoid the deforestation of forests and therefore, you will not only reduce your carbon footprints but also you will be providing oxygen to the world!

Since 2015 Smoking started a collaboration with NGO Trees for the Future as a demonstration of our commitment to the environment by planting trees. Through this action, it is intended to reforest the ecosystems of Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, as their rainforests are being destroyed at a great rate.


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