What is Body Suspension? Crazy or genius?

What is Body Suspension? Discover this performance.

Body suspension is a practice, also known as the painful art of hanging from the skin and you have surely seen a body suspension show in a talent show. For many people, this sport can be considered as a genius but for many others, it is considered to be insane. Therefore, we are going to explain what body suspension consists of.

What does body suspension consist of?

Body suspension is within the scope of the culture of body modification. As we mentioned in our previous post on the most extreme body modifications, these have been carried out for many years and it is understood that it can be a total or partial alteration of the human body.

As it is not the best-known practice in the world, we consider it necessary to start this post by explaining what body suspension consists of. Specifically, it is a technique that consists of tying different metal hooks to the skin through different perforations. These can be done anywhere on the body and the main objective of this technique is to float in a certain position and for a time depending on the resistance of each person.

In this way, this body modification consists of the act of suspending the human body in the air thanks to the hooks that go through the skin. So that the body remains suspended, the person is lifted through different pulleys.

What is the origin of the body suspension?

Body suspension is considered to date back to an ancient ritual performed by a tribe known as the Oglala Sioux. They called this activity dance in the sun and to carry it out, the healers disguised themselves as devils and pierced the skin of the young to hang them. Whoever passed this test was considered to be a nom de guerre and for young men, it signified the beginning of their new life.

So is body suspension considered art or madness?

Although it may seem crazy to you, many people who practice this technique affirm that although it may be a painful activity, they perform it in the vast majority of cases to reach a point of body and mind relaxation and a state of absolute tranquility. In this way, the vast majority of people who practice body suspension do it to achieve inner peace and improve their life, as a spiritual experience.

What risks does the body suspension have?

As we said, body modifications have been part of the rituals of different civilizations over time. As a consequence, the body has been considered the greatest temple for many cultures around the world. Whether by tradition, fashion, or want to achieve inner peace, people who carry out this type of modification should know that although it is carried out safely, this activity can cause some risks on the body itself, and therefore, we consider it necessary to comment on which are the possible risks of the body suspension.

Tearing and infections

One of the most common risks is that the body suspension can cause tearing and infections of the skin. This risk can be caused by the placement of the weak hooks, by not having enough thickness, or by being placed in a very superficial area of the skin. All this can cause that when the body suspension is practiced, a tear in the skin or muscles is experienced.

It is important to mention that these risks occur especially at the beginning when the people who do this practice do not have much practice or do not have much experience.

On the other hand, the infection can be caused because when placing the hooks, the wounds can remain open and therefore remain in the air for a period of time. During this time when the wounds are exposed, an infection can occur if they are not taken care of during the process.

Other risks

In addition to the main risks already mentioned, you should know that practicing body suspension can also involve other types of consequences. These occur when the practice is carried out since the person may remain in shock, feel nauseous, or even depending on their resistance, they may faint during the activity.

Despite all these risks, many people agree that once they have experienced this feeling, nothing is ever the same again.

As we always say, when we practice any risky sport in which our health is in danger, we must always do it accompanied by an expert and above all, follow all the recommendations to avoid any type of problem.





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