Solo travel: Best destinations and tips to enjoy it!

Solo travel is a new trend of traveling that will surely grow in the next few years.
As we have mentioned in previous articles about traveling, such as the best weekend getaway or why you should bet on local travel, Covid-19 has changed the way we travel and as a result of this, new trends have emerged. In this specific article, we want to talk about one of these new ways of traveling, specifically, we will comment on what is known as Solo Travel.

What is Solo Travel?

This trend was already acquiring more and more importance in recent years, even so, surely in the coming years, Solo Travel will get even more importance until it becomes a great trend.

As the name suggests, this type of trip consists of enjoying a place and doing it alone. For many people, traveling alone is one of the best pleasures. Solo travel allows you to get to know a new city, without doing compromises with anyone else. Also, you will discover yourself in different situations outside the routine, and in a totally different environment from the usual one.

It is considered that traveling alone provides numerous benefits since through this type of travel, people can connect with their own rhythm of life, enjoy and surely live many new experiences.

Best destinations to enjoy a solo trip

For all those who decide to start traveling alone, we want to show you a small list of the best destinations to enjoy a great solo travel experience.


Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to enjoy a solo trip and therefore we want to include it as the first destination. Over the years, Thailand has become one of the best countries to travel alone since it is a cheap country for foreigners, so it is very easy to get around.

Also, it is a country from which you can move to many other places, you can enjoy great things at very low prices and above all, you can establish relationships with many people since they are very friendly. In addition, we cannot forget that you will be able to discover spectacular landscapes and places.


Greece is another of the places that we want to include in this list as it has many places where you can discover spectacular areas and landscapes. In addition, it is important to mention that Greek culture is characterized by being very hospitable so you can feel accompanied at all times. As we have mentioned, it is a country where you can enjoy spectacular islands, great architecture, and a very beautiful culture.

New Zealand 

If you are looking for a place to travel alone and enjoy nature, New Zealand is undoubtedly your place. You can rent a van from the destination you prefer and explore all the islands, their deserted beaches, and their movie landscapes at the rate you want. Traveling this way, as a road trip, allows you to enjoy each of the moments that this place can offer you and above all, absorb the peace and tranquility of New Zealand’s small towns.


Another destination that we want to include in this list is Peru. Despite the first thoughts of many people about its capital’s safety, we can affirm that Peru is a very quiet country in South America. So if you solo travel through Peru, you can enjoy all the landscapes that Lima and its other cities have for you.

In addition, it is important to highlight that it is a perfect country to travel with a backpack because it has a great transport network and very affordable prices. Take your backpack and discover the Machu Picchu ruins, the Andes Mountains, or the beaches of Máncora alone.


Canada is undoubtedly a great option for your solo trip and it is a destination where you can be calm and enjoy great peace. Although it is a large territory, thanks to its public transportation you can move very easily through all the places you want to visit. We assure you that you will fancy great landscapes due to its great nature.


If this is the first time you are traveling alone, Portugal and specifically Lisbon, may be one of your best options, In Portugal, you can admire a place full of history, sun, good food, beaches, and wonderful nightlife. If you get lost in the streets of the old town, you will love its beauty. In addition, you can move from Portugal to other areas to continue enjoying a great solo trip.

Tips for solo travelers

If you have already chosen your destination, next we want to comment on some of the most important tips that you should take into account to make your first solo trip.

Find out and investigate 

Although you can later modify your route and change your plans, it is important that before making the trip you inform yourself and investigate the place you want to travel to. In all countries, there will be better places so it will be necessary to know what these places are to be able to create your route based on them.

Meet people

One of the best things you can do while traveling alone is meeting new people. Going alone, it will be much easier to start a conversation with someone and above all, discover the local people’s hospitality.

Do not be afraid 

The last of the tips, and maybe the most important one is that you should not be afraid when you face this new experience. The world and all the places you visit will be full of friendly people willing to help you with everything you need.

Although you may have fewer good experiences, you should focus on continuing your journey to the best of your ability. It is important to mention that even if you are not afraid, it will be necessary to always have common sense and act accordingly.

Are you ready to remove solo travel from your bucket list?


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