What is Sustainable Living? Tips to change your lifestyle!

What is Sustainable Living and how to change your lifestyle?

We all know that both climate change and global warming are becoming two more worrying phenomena since they have a greater impact on people’s lives, the natural resources of our planet, and the animals in it. The new generations like Generation Z are becoming more and more aware and therefore, they are changing their consumption habits to adapt to a much more sustainable living.

As we have said in numerous other articles, from Smoking we know that you, our consumers, are the generation of change that this society needs and that is why we want to comment in this article on some tips to change your lifestyle and make it much more sustainable…

How to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

As we said in our previous posts about What can we do to stop climate change at home? and How to live off the grid, in the small acts are the big changes, so now, we will discuss 7 ways to live in a more sustainable way.

Recycle properly

An act as simple as recycling properly can make a big difference for the planet. Currently, we have at our disposal everything we need to recycle and efficiently dispose of all kinds of products.

Each city has its own program to discard and classify products, so you just have to know how it works and that nothing ends up in the wrong place. It is important that, in the end, no object that we throw away goes to the landfill unnecessarily.

Rethink your transportation

The way we move also affects the environment, for example, if you use your car every day you produce a high amount of carbon emissions. So maybe you should consider walking more, riding a bike, and choosing public transportation every time you can.

Nowadays, people are changing their idea of mobility and ownership, as we talked about in our post about Car Sharing. Renting cars, especially electric cars, choosing train services rather than plain flights… Those choices help to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and take care of the Earth, for us and for future generations.

Avoid imported foods

Another of the most important changes you can make is to avoid eating imported foods. When we buy imported products, we are favoring their transport and, therefore, increasing the pollution caused by climate change. In this way, buying products from your own country will cut down a large amount of transport and with it, pollution will be reduced.

Supports small businesses

A sustainable life philosophy also implies shopping in a much more conscious way and therefore, in relation to the previous point, supporting local businesses will also be a great activity to lead a much more sustainable life. By buying in small businesses and grocery stores near your home, you will not only be helping the surrounding locals against big brands, but you will also be reducing the environmental impact of your purchases.
And of course, remember to avoid single-use plastic bags! If you carry your plastic-free bag with you, in your backpack, the planet will be a better place!

Reduce meat consumption

Another of the most important changes, which more and more people are joining, is the reduction of meat consumption in our day-to-day. A simple change in diet can make a big difference for the environment, as the meat and livestock industry is considered one of the sectors that have the greatest impact on the environment.

This way, by reducing this consumption we will be helping to reduce the environmental consequences caused by meat production, and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, it is important to mention that there are more and more options for vegetarians and vegans, so you will not have any problem if you decide to change your type of diet.

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A more sustainable consumption

As we have mentioned before, the way in which we consume and buy products also directly influences the environment negatively. For this reason, we spoke before about the importance of consuming consciously in all areas.

Actually, this change is very simple, since we only have to buy what we really need. We must forget about the big brands that promote fast fashion to start consuming products from brands that bet on what is known as slow fashion. A new paradigm for fashion brands that aims to create higher quality products that last longer and are timeless.

What are you waiting for to support this sustainable development?

Reduce food waste

Not only is it important to manage and recycle the waste we generate well, but it is also necessary to reduce the food waste we generate. To do this, we once again recall the idea of ​​buying only what is necessary also in the great world of food. We must plan our meals more to be able to make a totally effective and useful shopping list, and above all, not to waste any food that we have bought.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the important change is in the little things and in being aware that we can improve and do good for the planet with small changes in our lives and, above all, in the way we consume products.

How about you? Is your lifestyle eco-friendly? We dare you to start right now!


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