The best shows to binge-watch and relax!

Which are the best shows to binge-watch?
Today, we have at our disposal numerous series and films to enjoy a good marathon on a Sunday afternoon. In the world, there are two types of viewers, those who are looking for an endless series or those who like the feeling of devouring a series in just one afternoon. This article is definitely for the second type of person: series and shows to binge-watch!

Even so, if you are one of those who are looking for the best series, we invite you to also discover the best intense and perfect stories to enjoy a great series, either through a marathon or to enjoy it slowly.

The best tv shows to binge-watch ever

To start this article we want to highlight some of the best series to binge in recent years.


The first series we want to recommend is You, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out on a great series. When it was released, this Netflix Original production became a great phenomenon for offering the viewer a completely different proposal than what we were used to seeing. Currently, it has 2 seasons and the premiere of a third season has been confirmed.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is a series that premiered for the first time in 2017 and thanks to its success, it managed to win the Golden Globe for the best miniseries in 2018. It is a series of two seasons and the first one can be considered as perfect. It has a plot that hooks you, perfect characters, and a possible outcome that you will want to know from the first chapter.

Embroidery-Inspired Tattoos:

In 2019 many artists began to make this style known as embroidery. This style has become more and more popular until it becomes a tattoo trend in 2020. These types of tattoos have a three-dimensional style that makes them unique and modern.

The Witcher

The last series we want to mention is The Witcher, and as we mentioned in our previous article about the series, The Witcher is a true marvel of recent years. This dark fantasy drama series is based on the books by the writer Andrzej Sapkowski that chronicle the adventures of the monster hunter. If you loved Game of Thrones, you should start watching this tv series!

The best binge-worthy shows from 2020

The Queen’s Gambit

In this article, we could not fail to include this work of art as is the mini-series The Queen’s Gambit. In 7 hours, you will be able to enjoy a great series that not only stands out for its history but also does so for its scenography, its photography but above all, it does so for the great performance of Anya Taylor-Joy. Even if you are not a great chess lover, it is possible that this show become one of your favorites of 2020.

Emily in Paris

Emily In Paris is possibly one of the easiest and fastest series to watch, and therefore, it has become one of the favorite Netflix series for many people. Lily Collins’ plot and performance are perfect for you to see in one afternoon. Although there are no details at the moment, we know that there will be a second season.

Derry Girls

The last series we want to talk about and that you can find on Netflix is ​​Derry Girls, this is perfect for one of those afternoons where you just need to laugh and distract yourself. Derry Girls tells the story of young girls trying to survive adolescence in a small town of Northern Ireland during the 90s.

The best shows to binge on Netflix

Netflix has become the streaming service platform par excellence and for this reason, it could not miss our series recommendations from this platform.

The Bridgerton

The first one we want to include in this small list is The Bridgerton. This series has become the most-watched miniseries of Netflix in recent months since, in January, more than 82 million households had already seen this series.

The Sinner

The Sinner is another of Netflix’s great revelations and the first season was released in 2017, starring the great Jessica Biel. Through this series, you can enjoy 3 independent seasons that are characterized by intrigue and suspense. If you love crime drama series, The Sinner is the perfect series for you!

The Bodyguard

The last series that you can enjoy on Netflix is ​​The Bodyguard. This is a short series of only 6 chapters that you can see perfectly in a single afternoon. This series stands out for having a plot that hooks you from the first minute and that is why you will not be able to stop watching it until the end. It is a fast and dynamic thriller through which the story of a war veteran is told.

What to binge watch on Hulu?

Hulu is a platform that offers streaming video services and that, despite the fact that it was born in 2007, it has become increasingly popular in recent months. On Hulu, you can discover the transmission of the most current television shows as well as their own content.

Normal People

The first series we recommend to binge-watch on Hulu is Normal People. This one is based on the best-selling novel by writer Sally Rooney and tells how two young people live love from school to adulthood. Through the 12 chapters of just half an hour, the viewer will be able to witness how the characters fall in love, suffer and have fun, just as normal people do.

The Great

The next series we want to recommend from Hulu is The Great, this is a dramatic comedy based on the life of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. In 2020, the first 10 chapters were released and due to the great success it had, the second season has already been confirmed. The huge success of the series is due to the epic satire that is made thanks to the modern ideas of the young Catalina.

What to binge-watch on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is another of the most emerging platforms that currently exist in the world, it is for this reason that we also want to include the three best series that you can find on Amazon Prime.


The first series that we want to highlight is Fleabag, with the fantastic Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Through it, you can enjoy more than 5 hours of the series thanks to its 22 chapters of approximately 30 minutes. Fleabag is a British black comedy definitively worth watching.

The Boys

The Boys is another great show to watch on Amazon Prime. This is based on the comic by Garth Ennis and is a clear example of how a graphic work can be transferred to the big screen without losing any type of detail in its characters and the story. What will be the first series that your next marathon will start with? Let’s binge watch them all!


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