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Why is canyoning an extreme sport?


You may never have considered what canyoning is or how many people practice it. What is very likely is that you have heard these words at some point of your life. Do you know what this sport is about? Is it too risky? If you want to find out what it is, where to practice it and what you need to do to do it, keep reading!

What is canyoning or canyoneering?

Canyoning or canyoneering is an adventure sport that takes place in ravines or canyons in the mountains and rivers. There are different types of ravines such as dry and aquatic, the latter is the most practiced since it is also the most enjoyed. 

In this way, canyoning consists in overcoming the difficulties of the route, either by walking, swimming or climbing if necessary. 

Although it can be done alone, it is recommended to always practice it with a group just for safety reasons. It is also recommended to have a minimum experience and to practice it with the appropriate equipment.

What fitness level do you need to practice canyoning?

As canyoning combines various skills such as climbing or hiking, it requires a certain physical complexion and ability, although it is not necessary to be a professional of the sport.

Normally, in the places where canyoning is done, they usually have different levels of difficulty adapted to the different levels of experience. In this way, some of them are perfect for beginners and you do not need previous experience or great physical preparation. 

It is important to note that ravines that do not require much experience are usually water rides where the water flow is not very high, so it is perfect for practicing with the family.  

What fitness level do you need to practice canyoning?

Regardless of the level of difficulty, it is always necessary to use the appropriate safety measures and equipment. We must not forget that it can also be considered a risky sport, therefore, before starting we must check that we are wearing the canyoning harness, which is the basic element to protect ourselves from the rock. 

It depends on where you practice canyoning, because the water can be cold. On that occasion it is recommended to also bring a wetsuit to maintain your own body heat. You cannot forget items such as the helmet, the gloves or the booties, since these complements are the basic and essential safety materials for canyoning without danger. 

Also, to practice this sport you will need ropes specially designed for this sport. It is important to carry two ropes of different lengths because you probably do not know how high are going to be the obstacles you will have to overcome. 

Finally, to complement your basic kit, it is advisable to wear high grip boots which protect your feet and legs from the rocks. A backpack with airtight container, water, telephone and dry clothes. 

Best places in the world to do canyoning

Zion National Park, USA Zion National Park

Zion National Park has become one of the main canyoning places in the world. It is a type of canyoning that combines climbing, hiking and rappelling and while you can explore a great landscape.

Kawasan Fall, Philippines 

The next place we wanted to highlight are the Kawasan Falls, located in the Philippines. These are, for many reasons, one of the most incredible waterfalls in the Philippines since you have the opportunity to practice this sport on natural slides and swim in the water that falls directly through the mountains.

Tara Canyon, Montenegro 

Many think that practicing canyoning in Tara Canyon, in Montenegro is one of the most impressive activities since the nature of this place is spectacular. Specifically, Durmitor National Park has become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Jalbire Canyon, Nepal 

If you really like this sport you must visit Nepal as it offers multiple opportunities not only related to canyoning but also to other water sports in white water rivers.

Tips on how to start canyoning

If after reading the whole article you have wanted to do canyoning, we are going to give you some tips that will surely be useful:

  1. Do not forget that it is a risky sport! Yes you are a beginner, do it with a professional instructor who can teach you the basic techniques.
  2. You can take a training course beforehand to be able to enjoy the sport and the experience in complete safety.
  3. As we already have mentioned, it is advisable to practice canyoning in teams with a minimum of 3 people. The reason why is because you will be more safe and also you will have the opportunity to complement your experience with the other people’s skills. 

And you,  are you ready to start canyoning?

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