Hitman 3: review and reasons to play it

Hitman 3: a review and why you should play it!

Hitman is one of the great video game sagas and with Hitman 3 it is possible to reach a great ending for the trilogy. The first installment of the saga premiered in 2016 and since then, IO Interactive has suffered some complications for its next releases. It is for this reason that the second episode, Hitman II, did not arrive until 2018.

If you are one of the most veteran players of this epic game, this article is for you because we will review the most important features of this new chapter. If you still do not know the game, you should also keep reading because we will explain the most important reasons why you should play Hitman III.

The best features of Hitman III

We will start this article by commenting on some of the best features of the Hitman III video game. Before mentioning them, we consider it important to note that through this game, what the studio that created this video game wanted was to offer fans a sandbox experience, to provide the character with the story he deserved. To do this, they decide to go back to their origins and take advantage of all the possibilities that technology currently offers.

Better narrative

One of the main characteristics and one of the improvements that have been introduced in this new chapter of the trilogy is that IO Interactive is committed to the narrative and made a greater effort to create a better narrative than in the previous chapters of the world of assassination trilogy.

Better levelsĀ 

Another of the great characteristics, and what the fans of the Hitman saga have valued the most, are the new designs of each and every one of the levels in which the players have to face each other. Not only is it based on a more attractive graphic design at an artistic level but it is also the best design in terms of the challenges, options, and all the possibilities that the players will have and that they can take advantage of in each of the levels. In this way, many believe that possibly two of the best levels in the history of Hitman are included in this latest installment. This is due to the setting, the subplots that the entire level offers, and the great possibilities they have at the game level.

News locations

Regarding the improvement of the levels, it is also necessary to highlight that new locations have been created and that each one of them has numerous secrets, detailed paths, and stories that will allow players to have much more information about the victims and how they can remove them. It is also important to note that despite many innovations being introduced, the objectives and the way in which the missions are set are reminiscent of the approaches that were already included in past games.

Shortcuts and new elementsĀ 

Other very important and new features are the shortcuts and the introduction of a camera that will accompany the player at all times. The camera is a great novelty since, in addition to being able to take photos, it allows players to perform certain actions such as hacking security systems, scanning documents, or other objects that will help you even activate QR codes with information on secret locations. As we’ve mentioned, other great innovations are shortcuts. These are permanent shortcuts with doors, stairs and other routes that can be unlocked during the game and that also remain active in other subsequent games or when you visit the same level. That is, if the player finds a special door through which they can access certain places more quickly, this door will remain open and can be used when the same level is played again to find new stories and objectives.
Discover the best features and news of Hitman 3.

Performance of the new generation Hitman III

Another feature of Hitman III is that it is an intergenerational title despite including the improvements we have mentioned above, it works perfectly on both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S at 60 fps next to HDR.

In addition to the smoother animations and the improvement in the behavior of the Artificial Intelligence, it is important to highlight the crowd technology of the Glacier engine since it allows up to 300 characters in the same location.

Why should you play Hitman III?

To end this article, we want to tell you why you should play Hitman III if you haven’t already. Whether you are a fan or not, Hitman III is probably the best game of the trilogy in which the protagonist is Agent 47.

As we have mentioned, this game has the best levels of the saga, with numerous possibilities for the player, for the freedom of movement, and above all, for the new tools that are offered to players. In this way, we can affirm that not only the lovers of the saga will enjoy this latest installment, but that all those who want to play will be able to enjoy a great action video game. This is because the player is the one who can choose which objectives he will face and the way in which he will do it.

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