Ideas for Cute Wrist Tattoos for Women

The best ideas for wrist tattoos for women.

In previous articles on tattoos, we have talked about the best designs that you can do with your best friends, with your partner to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day, and we have even talked about some of the best ideas about tattoos of Greek mythology. In today’s article, we want to comment on some […]

Ways to prevent Tattoo fading

How to prevent Tattoo fading: tips and advice.

Fading a tattoo is possibly one of the biggest fears and one of the biggest concerns when people get a new tattoo. It is true that over the years it is inevitable that the color loses strength and intensity. Even so, there are different methods with which you can achieve that discoloration is the least […]

Who are the best tattoo artists in the world?

Who are the best tattoo artists in the world?

We have talked about what the tattoo trends have been in 2020, the most original tattoos you can do with your best friend, and even the Greek mythology tattoos, but in none of these posts have we commented anything about tattoo artists. It is for this reason that in today’s article we will discover the […]

Couples Tattoos: ideas for Valentine’s Day

Couples Tattoos: ideas for Valentine's Day

We recently talked about how important friendship is and how many best friends decided to get matching tattoos. In today’s article and relation to one of the most romantic parties such as Valentine’s Day, we want to show you which are the best ideas for matching couples tattoos. Are you thinking of getting a tattoo […]

Thinking about greek mythology tattoos? Here are some great ideas

greek tattoo

The culture of Ancient Greece developed one of the most interesting pantheons of gods in the history of Europe, and its influence was such that even the Romans took these deities as references. These Greek influences have reached our days, although the religion on which these icons were based has already disappeared. Now mythology is […]

Best friend matching tattoos

Best friend matching tattoos. Have you ever thought about getting matching tattos with your best friend?

We know that there is nothing like having a best friend, that they are an essential part of your life and that it is practically like family. We are talking about that type of friend with whom you share most of your time and life, with whom you share both the good and bad of […]

2020 tattoo trends

2020 tattoo trends - The first of 2020 tattoo trends is color

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming less seen as something weird and more perceived as a way to express and reflect your personality or history. The world of tattooing is growing more quickly and because of this, every year different tattooing trends emerge and have become popular over time. We have within our reach many different styles […]