Psychedelic movies that will blow your mind!

Psychedelic movies that will blow your mind.

We recently talked in an article about psychedelic art, what it consisted of, and its influences and it is for this reason that today, we want to continue commenting on artistic expressions related to this type of art. To do this, we will discuss some of the best psychedelic movies of all time. Top 10 […]

Best drawing and art apps you must try!

Drawing and art apps that you should try!

Currently, art and technology are two areas that are more united than ever. As a consequence of this and thanks to new mobile devices, artists and illustrators have a new tool through which to create their own drawings and artistic pieces. Today, there are numerous applications related to art and painting that offer artists numerous […]

iPhone photography: Best tricks and tips!

iPhone photography: the camera is one of the best features in Apple mobiles.

That Apple phones have one of the best cameras on the market is a reality that everyone knows, and as we mentioned in our previous article on the iPhone 12 review, the camera is one of the elements by which the Apple brand stands out the most, and it has become an essential element for […]

Kandinsky, an artist who saw music colors and shape

Kandinsky, the abstract painter who could see the colors of music.

Have you ever heard of synesthesia? Have you ever wondered if colors have sounds? Although in previous occasions we have talked about street art, in today’s article, we want to focus on abstract art and expressionism. Especially, through one of its greatest exponents such as Kandinsky, and how he is closely related to the concept […]

The best mural paintings in the world!

The best mural paintings in the world.

As we have commented in previous articles such as Famous street artists, Street art sculptures, 3D street art paintings, urban art is much more present than we can surely perceive, as art accompanies us many times on our walks. Many artists have used street art as a protest or also to make visible some social […]

Psychedelic Art: a mixture of Art Nouveau and 70s art

Psychedelic Art: a mixture of Art Nouveau and 70s art. Bright and lots of colors.

Over the years and as a consequence of all the cultural events that have happened, new artistic styles have emerged and created and this is precisely what we want to speak about in this new article. Specifically, we will discover Psychedelic Art, what is its origin, and above all, who are the greatest exponents of […]

Great Movies about artists everyone must watch!

Movies about artists.

From Roll and Feel we love being able to recommend series and films of any genre and theme, and it is for this reason that if a few months ago we were talking to you about the best documentaries about photographers and photography, in today’s article we want to recommend you the best movies about […]

The best of Banksy street art and curious facts about him

Follow Your Dreams art

Surely you have ever heard the name of Banksy, and although he is an anonymous person, he is one of the most recognized street artists worldwide thanks to his iconic works and his most surprising and unusual actions. In today’s article, we want to comment on who Banksy is as an artist, how he started, […]

The best landscape photographers in the world!

The best landscape photographers in the world!

Still don’t know the best landscape photographers in the world? Photography is one of the artistic disciplines that is constantly evolving and over the years new styles and new techniques of photography have been created. Specifically, in today’s article, we not only want to talk about the best photographers but we also want to focus […]

Which are the best art blogs in the whole world?

The best art blogs you must follow.

Technology has allowed us to reach a lot of knowledge and if you like art, surely you take advantage of it many times to learn, meet new artists, new works, trends, and techniques. We know that currently through the internet it is possible to know and find millions of content about art with a single […]