Solo travel: Best destinations and tips to enjoy it!

Solo travel is a new trend of traveling that will surely grow in the next few years.

As we have mentioned in previous articles about traveling, such as the best weekend getaway or why you should bet on local travel, Covid-19 has changed the way we travel and as a result of this, new trends have emerged. In this specific article, we want to talk about one of these new ways of […]

Are you desperate for a weekend getaway? The best ideas

Are you eager for a weekend getaway? Discover the best places.

The pandemic has been a great change for the lives of many people and with it, it has not only changed the possibility that we have to travel but also, it has changed the way in which we will surely travel in the coming months and even years. As a consequence of this, the weekend […]

Discover the newest National Parks in the US!

Discover the newest national parks in the US to visit this summer.

The United States is undoubtedly one of the countries where you can find a greater number of national parks, and since the first national park was named in 1872, more have been added to the list. Specifically, more than 60 National Parks can be found throughout the different regions of the United States. Are you […]

Bestselling Books you should read before age 25

8 Bestselling Books that you should read before your 25 birthday.

Currently and as a result of new technologies, mobile phones, video games, and tablets, many young people have stopped reading. Even so, we cannot forget that despite all this technological innovation, there are also many young people who today continue to enjoy great books, be they fantasy, a mystery novel, or a romantic work. In […]

Weed cities in the US: a guide for your vacations

Weed cities in the US: a guide for your vacations with Roll and Feel.

If you like to travel and weed, this article is definitely for you! We recently talked about some of the best 420 friendly hotels in the United States and so that you can continue planning your vacations even better, we have decided to comment in this article on the best tourist destinations for marijuana lovers […]

Best Glamping places in California for this Spring!

Best Glamping places in California for this Spring.

As we mentioned in our article on why you should consider Glamping for your next holidays, glamping is a trend that is becoming increasingly fashionable. If we previously talked about what glamping is and why it has become so popular, in today’s article we want to comment on the best Glamping you can find in […]

Los Angeles dispensaries: a new trend for recreational weed

Los Angeles dispensaries: new places to buy recreational weed and cannabis products.

As we mentioned in previous articles, the legalization of marijuana is increasingly widespread throughout the world and specifically in the United States. As a consequence of this, new trends and new places have emerged in which to buy and use weed. Among these new concepts, the Los Angeles dispensaries stand out, it is for this […]

What is Car Sharing? Benefits and options

What is Car Sharing? People using an app to rent a vehicle for days, hours, or even minutes.

As we have mentioned in other articles about what is slow travel or how to travel in a sustainable way, the way in which especially young people travel is changing and evolving over the years. Among these changes, a new trend called Car Sharing has emerged and in case you still do not know this […]

The best 420 friendly hotels in the US

Best 420 friendly hotels in the US. Cannabis friendly places.

Now that we know what the 420 code consists of and the most important terms, we want to discuss the best hotels in the United States that are 420 friendly with their guests. So, for you to enjoy a good 420 experience, we want to dedicate this article to explaining which are the cannabis-friendly hotels. […]

What does 420 mean? And 420 Friendly?

Surely, and even if you are not familiar with marijuana or cannabis, you must have heard about the terms 4/20, 4:20, or simply 420. And these simple numbers have become a very important code for all those people who use marijuana. Over the years, the 420 concept has grown in importance to become a philosophy […]