Scuba Diving: tips for beginners and best places to practice

How to begin to practice Scuba Diving? Best tips and places.

In today’s article, we want to talk again about a new sport for those who love the sea. Specifically, we are talking about Scuba Diving. In case you have never practiced this sport yet, we want to comment on some of the best tips that you should take into account and we will also recommend […]

Extreme adrenaline? Try Bungee Jumping!

Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport where you feel the thrill from free-falling.

If in previous articles we have commented on extreme sports, in today’s post we want to show you one sport that could offer the extreme adrenaline you are looking for. Specifically, we are talking about Bungee Jumping, and for all those who still do not know it, we want to explain in this post what […]

Downhill Mountain Biking: tips for beginners

Downhill Mountain Biking tips for beginners.

In today’s article, we want to comment on another extreme sports practice for all those who enjoy extreme sports and the adrenaline they generate. Specifically, in this post, we want to talk about Downhill Mountain Biking and above all, we will focus on the best tips and tricks so that you can get started in […]

The best Skateboarding tricks for beginners

Skateboarding tricks for beginners: the best tips and how to practice them.

As we mentioned in our previous article about some of the mythical skateboard brands, skateboarding is not only about practicing a sport but today, it has become a lifestyle. For the fans of this world, we want to comment, in today’s article, on some of the best skateboarding tricks that you should know, relevant tips, […]

What is Bouldering? A new Olympics discipline

Bouldering, a new Olympics discipline.

Over the years, many sports have evolved and as a result, new disciplines have begun to develop. Precisely, in this new article on sports, we want to comment on what bouldering is and how it has become a new discipline of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Previously, we have already talked about other climbing sports […]

Highlining and Slacklining, master your balance!

Highlining and Slacklining are balancing sports. Man practicing Highline between two peaks.

In today’s article, we want to talk about an extreme sport again, specifically, we want to talk about two techniques known as highlining and slacklining and for this, we will comment on what the two disciplines consist of, what are their main differences and we will even comment on the best sites around the world […]

Kitesurfing: a guide to starting this extreme sport

Young man practicing kitesurfing in the sea.

Today’s article is for all those people who still want to continue enjoying and discovering new sports. If you already know what free solo climbing, hang gliding, or base jumping is, we present another extreme sport such as kitesurfing, so if you are interested in learning about this sport, keep reading because in this article […]

Climbing Workout: tips for beginners and intermediate

Climbing Workout: a person practising rock climbing.

If recently we were talking about a great extreme sport such as free solo climbing, in today’s article we want to comment on climbing and the climbing workout, an activity that has gone from being considered only for mountaineers and turned into a great sport. As a consequence of this, training to practice climbing has […]

What is Cliff Diving? Training, heights, and world records

What is Cliff Diving? Heights and records. Picture composition to show a woman doing cliff diving.

@redbullcliffdiving In other articles, we have talked about numerous extreme sports and in today’s post, we want to comment on another one that is surely unknown to many of you. So if you are a person who likes extreme sports, keep reading because in this article we will find out what Cliff Diving is and […]

The most thrilling go-kart tracks you must try!

The most thrilling go-kart tracks you must try!

In recent years, karting has experienced an important growth and it has become a very popular and fun practice. If you are passionate about car racing and speed, karts are surely a great experience for you as it has turned into one of the best activities to do with your friends, or even with your […]