Los Angeles dispensaries: a new trend for recreational weed

Los Angeles dispensaries: new places to buy recreational weed and cannabis products.
As we mentioned in previous articles, the legalization of marijuana is increasingly widespread throughout the world and specifically in the United States. As a consequence of this, new trends and new places have emerged in which to buy and use weed. Among these new concepts, the Los Angeles dispensaries stand out, it is for this reason that we want to comment on what they consist of and which are the best that you can find in this city.

What is a weed dispensary?

Dispensaries have become shops where people can legally buy cannabis. Marijuana dispensaries emerged in the United States as a result of the legalization of marijuana in states such as California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington, among others. And it is that these were created because, at the moment, federal laws prevent the sale of cannabis of any kind in stores or pharmacies.

It is for this reason that dispensaries were created, a place that is considered to be a cross between a herbalist and a pharmacy and, most importantly, a place where it is legal to sell and buy weed.

The vast majority of cannabis dispensaries that currently exist work in a very similar way to a pharmacy since the customer arrives, a professional attends him and takes what he has bought. And although some California dispensaries allow customers to consume cannabis on the premises, it is not the usual practice as the dispensaries focus solely on the purchase and sale of marijuana.

Which are the best dispensaries in Los Angeles?

As we have mentioned, now we will discuss the best dispensaries that you can find in Los Angeles:

California Herbal Remedies

The first place we want to comment on is the well-known California Herbal Remedies (CHR), which is located in downtown Los Angeles and was created in 2007. Since then, it has become one of the best dispensaries in the entire city thanks to its friendly service and wide selection. As a consequence of this, the CHR managed to appear numerous times in High Times and Leafly. Also, it’s important to note that CHR offers great deals, daily happy hour time, and even hosts meetings.

Zen NoHo

The next dispensary that we want to discuss is Zen NoHo and we have included it in this small list because it is a store that offers a wide variety of products, from extracts to flowers and even sustainable products. In addition, they also offer great discounts and deals.

The Higher Path 

The next dispensary is The Higher Path, this one, opened in 2013 in Sherman Oaks and stands out above all for its great service since buyers can make their purchase online and pick it up in the same store. Also, like the other dispensaries we have discussed above, The Higher Path also offers discounts based on different categories and has a happy hour schedule. Finally, it is important to note that it also performs musical events and comedy shows.

TLC Collective

Another of the best dispensaries you can find is TLC Collective, a store that offers a wide variety of cannabis products and even its own grow room. In addition, it aims to offer a great experience to new consumers so that they can choose the best products according to their needs.

Buds & Roses dispensary

Finally, we want to highlight the Buds & Roses dispensary, and we wanted to highlight it for being different from the rest and also offering a wide variety of flowers, extracts, edibles, and many other products. This dispensary is located along Ventura Blvd., with many restaurants and shops nearby.

Coffee Shops vs Dispensaries

To end this article, and after explaining what dispensaries consist of and which are the best places you can find in Los Angeles, we want to show you the difference between Coffee Shops and dispensaries.

As we discussed in a previous article, buy and consume cannabis is legal in Amsterdam, and it has become a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Currently, there are more than 100 coffee shops distributed throughout the city where you can enjoy cannabis in a pleasant and safe environment.

Coffee shops are a place that allows the sale and consumption of marijuana in a legalized state. That is, it is understood that a Coffee Shop is a type of bar where you can consume cannabis in multiple ways, either by taking it in the form of tea, smoking it in water pipes and you can even find cupcakes and cakes made from Cannabis.

In this way, the main difference between a Coffee Shop and a dispensary is that despite the fact that marijuana can be bought in both, only in Coffee Shops can buyers also consume what they have bought.


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