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2020 tattoo trends

2020 tattoo trends - The first of 2020 tattoo trends is color

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming less seen as something weird and more perceived as a way to express and reflect your personality or history.

The world of tattooing is growing more quickly and because of this, every year different tattooing trends emerge and have become popular over time. We have within our reach many different styles to immortalize in our bodies a memory, an adventure or just to decorate our skin.
That is why from Roll and Feel we want to go through the 2020 tattoo main trends to inspire you in your next designs.

Latest tattoo trends 2020

We want to start by commenting on the latest tattoo trends 2020:

Color (and a lot of it):

Our first of 2020 tattoo trends is color, specifically, hypercolor realism. In 2019, we saw a little bit of this trend but only in small tattoos and normally in black and gray. This 2020 we will see black tattoos take a back seat being color tattoos will be the protagonists becoming one of the most important trends.

Stick-and-poke tattoos:

It’s the tattoo technique that goes back to the beginning. Are tattoos made with the hand, without any tattoo machine and there are increasing the artists who specialize in this technique to the point of becoming a 2020 trend.

Embroidery-Inspired Tattoos:

In 2019 many artists began to make this style known as embroidery. This style has become more and more popular until it becomes a tattoo trend in 2020. These types of tattoos have a three-dimensional style that makes them unique and modern.

Korean inspired pieces:

The influence of the Korean style is becoming increasingly important, making this 2020 a trend. It is a trend that is constantly evolving as we can see from simple and delicate Korean tattoos but also, increasingly, larger tattoos that merge with other trends such as colors and styles.

Blending styles:

As we said before, color tattoos are getting more popular to the point where he’s getting into old-school American tattoos in the traditional style. This trend is not just about adding color, but is based on mixing styles to create new ones.

Trending tattoos 2020

Do you want to know what are the new tattoo trends this year….? Read on to find out trending tattoos 2020:

Peekaboo designs:

Tattoos have been more accepted over the years, this first trending tattoos 2020 is closely related to this because it consists of dedicated and simple tattoos design that are placed on a specific area of the body to bring attention to this part.

Modern objects:

Not all tattoos have to mean something, which is why one of the trending tattoos this 2020 is to tattoo modern and daily objects such as a coffee cup or cookware.

Grunge tattoos:

Grunge style tattoos have always been in trend and this 2020 will continue to be so, it is a style that has existed for a long time and will continue. Even so, the normally black and white designs will be modified thanks to the great trend of color.

Minimalist black ink:

Minimalistic tattoos have been a trend since a few years ago and will continue to be a trend for much longer. This type of tattoo consists of thin black lines with a lot space between them to be filled in. Normally, they are simple but elaborate designs with a lot of details.

Body as canvas:

Society’s conception of tattoos is changing and tattoos are increasingly seen as body art. In relation to this, there is a tendency more present this 2020 and consists in understanding our own body as a canvas to create connected pieces in different parts of the body.

2020 tattoo trends for men

Today, tattoos on men have become a very common aesthetic element and like other fashions, the style of the designs is also changing.Then, find out what are the tattoo trends for men this 2020

This 2020, the ethnic style has become very important again and is present in many designs. More specifically, tribal style made with the handpoke technique we mentioned before. Although they may sound contradictory, the trend towards more elegant and careful designs with thin lines is becoming one of the most powerful trends with hyper-realistic and very detailed designs.

Next, we will comment on more specific tattoo styles that are becoming a trend this 2020 for men:

Small tattos:

These types of tattos are becoming increasingly popular beacuse they have very few limitations on their placement, can be spread over the arms, can be neck tattos. All of them are characterized by being more discreet designs.

Animal tatto:

Animal tatto are also very popular and the trend in tattos for men is 2020. There are multiple options to choose from and they can be combined with the different trends we have been discussing throughout the article.

Line tatto:

This trend is closely related to minimalist tattos since it is variation of the trend mentioned above. There is a great variety within this trend of male tattos, they can be more solid black lines, thiner, with a more abstract interpretation…Even so, all of them have in common the simple and attractive designs.

After knowing all the tatto trends of this 2020, have you already decided how your next tatto will be and what trend it will follow?



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