90s Women´s fashion that came back!

90s Women´s fashion that came back. Trendy woman with a 90s look.

Fashions and trends come and go, and, since approximately 2015, the 90s are here again. This style has returned and it has done it with great force, and this, as we said, is nothing new because fashions always come back.

The trends and styles that were once considered the most modern of the moment, are reinvented and appear again 20 years later. So, the fashion that was considered the best in the 90s is trendy nowadays and we can see it everywhere!
In this post, we will show you the 90s Women’s fashion that came back!

How does 90s women’s fashion look?

As we have mentioned, the 90s for fashion have become one of the most important since over the years, many of the trends of that time continue to triumph. The celebrities of the moment inspired many of the looks that we can see today, and through series such as “Saved by the bell” or “Friends” many people were inspired by the outfits that the characters wore. In addition, we cannot stop commenting that people were also very influenced by rock, rap, and grunge music groups, an influence that is also reflected in the clothes.

The fashion of the 90s is characterized by being quite varied since it was influenced by different styles such as, for example, what is known as grunge or more sporty style. In this way, clothes and looks were offered to women for all tastes.

The most iconic 90s fashion trends for women

Unlike the 80s, the fashion of the 90s leaves behind fluorescent colors or too flashy, colors that we have seen in Harajuku Fashion. During those years, these tones are usually combined in a much more relaxed and subtle way. In this way, one of the basic aspects of 90s fashion was the simplicity of the looks, where the comfort of the clothes stood out above all.

As we have mentioned before, we can find different types of looks within the fashion of the 90s:


The grunge style became one of the most popular in the early 90s. It became fashionable around 1922 when grunge bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Soundgarden became popular and, as a result of this, this style was characterized by including dark-colored plaid shirts, washed jeans, or the well-known Doc Martens.

Modern Preppy

This style was popularized by the Saved by the Bell series and the famous Clueless movie. For women specifically, this style was characterized by kilts, sweaters, and sundresses combined with knee-high boots.


The punk style is another of the best known and most adapted from the 90s. It began to become popular in the mid and late 90s and was characterized by mainly wearing T-shirts, sweatshirts, leather jackets, and boots.

Hip Hop

As the series and movies had a great influence, the musicians did too and in the style of Hip Hop, artists such as Tupac, Public Enemy, or MC Hammer stood out. They wore wide-legged jeans, tracksuits, gold chains…

90s clothes for women that came back!

Twenty years later, the most important designers have recovered the essence of the 90s to transfer it to the present day and reinvent the proposals of the past decade. Next, we want to comment on the most important trends that have returned to stay again:

Cowboy style

Season after season, the cowboy style is present again, and the denim jacket has become the garment par excellence within Fashion since the 90s. Today, this popular jacket has been reinterpreted so that consumers can buy the one that best suits their style. Also, the Cowboy style has a lot of things in common with the Rockabilly style.

Leather blazer

Another garment that is gaining in importance is blazers, and specifically, leather blazers. And is that this garment has become one of the favorite clothing for many women, thanks to the fact that younger models like Bella or Gigi Hadid have also become big fans of this type of jacket.

Slip dress

After lingerie became a great trend in recent years, the slip dress is another advance in this trend and has become one of the most sensual garments. Brands such as Gucci, Christopher Kane, or Gabriela Hearst are three of the firms that have opted this year for those lingerie dresses characterized by thin straps.

In relation to this trend, we also find the over-positions, that is, combining dresses with basic shirts underneath.


Along with spaghetti straps, strapless or strapless tops became one of the staples of the 90s and now. As with other garments, big brands such as Staud or Saks Potts have chosen again this type of garment. Another top that has come back is the crop tops, we can find them everywhere!

90s celebrities that set the trend for women's fashion

The famous ones became the great prescribers of fashion and the trends of the 90s.

The Spice Girls stood out above all for the fashion of platform shoes, animal prints, or glitter on the body. And it is that this group formed by 5 young people represented the stridency of the 90s but also the feminine empowerment.

Another of the celebrities who set trends was Courtney Love, who was a great reference to the grunge style. Her looks stood out above all for her red lips, simple and retro dresses, black boots, and very dark makeup.

Jennifer Aniston, and her trendy, fashion lover character “Rachel Green”, from Friends, also set a huge trend in the 90s and even in today’s fashion. Her skirts and dresses are unforgettable and all of her looks are a must when we think of 90s fashion!

What do you think? Are you a 90s fashion fan?


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