Best Road Trips In Usa: The Most Beautiful Places

Best Road Trips In the Usa, discover great places!

Traveling through the United States, a road trip and millions of places to discover is the best combination to take a trip by car and enjoy a great and different vacation. As we have mentioned in previous articles, road trips are becoming one of the best options for many people, so we have created a small list of the best road trips in the USA, where you can visit the most wonderful places.

The best routes by car in the United States

The United States is undoubtedly one of the best places to take a route by car through the many places that you can find and the large number of routes that can be done. Next, we will comment on some of the most outstanding scenic byways.

Route 66

Route 66 is one of the best-known roads and so, we could not start this shortlist with another route. This tour is also known as The Main Street of America and you can visit all the places you want from Chicago to Los Angeles. This way, you can go through states such as Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Historic Route 66 with pavement sign in California, USA

West Coast

The Road Trip along the West Coast of the United States is another of the most popular routes since you can visit places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Las Vegas. If you choose this road trip, you can also enjoy some of the best national parks such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, or Yosemite Park and also discover some of the newest national parks.

If you like driving, this route is undoubtedly the best for you, as you will travel miles and miles to reach the most spectacular places on the West Coast. Besides, even if you have to drive for a long time, you will do it on spectacular roads, crossing deserts, and incredible natural parks.

Best Road Trips In the Usa: West Coast

California State

The next route for you to enjoy a great road trip is the California State Route, also known as Pacific Coast Highway. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful since it crosses the state of California along the Pacific coast so you can enjoy many miles, specifically about 600 miles.

This particular route runs from the southernmost point, Orange County, to the northernmost point, Mendocino County. In this way, if you decide to go this route, you cannot miss places like San Francisco, Big Sur, Malibu, Santa Monica, Santa Bárbara, or San Diego. As you can see, you can travel and visit great places doing this California road trip.

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur Caliofornia

Route 61

Route 61 is another of the best-known American roads and through it, you will be able to visit the places hidden in American history. Route 61 is also known as the Blues route thanks to the musical culture of some of the places you can visit. Specifically, this route will allow you to tour the cities from Chicago to New Orleans. In this way, you can discover the great culture and all the history hidden in places like Nashville, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

If you are a music lover and decide to take this great route, you will undoubtedly find numerous stops and museums that you will love. For example, in St Louis, you should visit the National Blues Museum. Or if you prefer a more natural detour, head to the Great Smoky Mountains from Nashville taking route 40.

Best Road Trips In the Usa - Route 61

Florida Keys

The route through the Florida Keys may be more unknown than those mentioned above, yet you cannot miss it as you can discover spectacular landscapes. The specific route that is carried out in this road trip is between the islets through an archipelago of keys that are located on the southern coast of Florida.
This route is also known as Overseas Highway and is considered to be one of the most spectacular roads in the world. You will be able to enjoy a scenic drive along a 113-mile road crossing several bridges located in a Caribbean landscape.

Best Road Trips In the Usa: Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway

East Coast

As we were talking about the West Coast before, another of the places that you cannot miss are those that you can find through the East Coast route. Although it is less known than the West, we consider it necessary to also include it in this post.

In this case, you will be able to travel the 1,500 miles of coastline from north to south going from Maine to Florida. Cities like Boston, New York, Washington, or Miami are the big cities that you can discover on this route. Also, the East Coast stands out because you can make multiple route designs so you can fully customize your route. Doing a road trip through this route, you can ever go to the Shenandoah National Park, along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Best Road Trips In the Usa_ Florida Keys from above

Hana Highway

The last route we want to mention is for the more adventurous people, who want to experience new sensations and experiences. Specifically, we are talking about the driving route along Hana Highway, in Hawaii. Through this road, you will reach the cities Kahului and Hana, which are considered to be the most popular tourist attractions.

The road that connects these two cities is 62 miles long and stands out above all for its snake-like shape. Although it is considered to be a short road, it will take time to cover it due to its shape and the narrowness of some areas. Still, you will enjoy some of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

Best Road Trips In the Usa_ Hana Highway


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